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Application Of Automatic PLC Control System In Pharmaceutical Equipment

Mar 16, 2017

The rapid rise of PLC control technology has brought the gospel to the manufacturing industry, and it has penetrated into the pharmaceutical production line at the same time to the industrial production line. It is reported that, according to the pharmaceutical industry in the production process and the need for control of the workshop process, you can use automated PLC control system to achieve intelligent control of all aspects of the production process.

(1) when the embryo, PLC automation control system used to control and regulate the operation of injection molding machine barrel mold mold and distribution sprue and runner temperature, is used to control the operation before and after taking embryo manipulator, which will complete the bottle well removed from the mold, realize the operation to take the embryo embryo automatic;

(2) when blowing, PLC automation control system can be used to realize the automatic bottle on the track, automatic bottle rings and welding rings, but also can be used to control the preform heating in the lamp box, the preform heating and then drive into the mold to blow bottle;

(3) in the dispensing process, the automated PLC control system can be used to control the dispensing machine accurately according to the prescription for automatic cup taking, drug delivery, and encapsulation of drug cups. At present, the practical application of the parameter list and modular programming technology is very extensive, PLC has a very simple initialization process, so as to improve the stability and reliability of the program operation and production efficiency;

(4) at the time of filling, PLC automation control system can display and set the monitor unit washing and filling all the real-time parameters, can also carry out strict control on the whole, constant control of filling level in the automatic constant pressure tank, liquid level control and pressure, filling in the production process of the whole closed-loop temperature;

(5) at the time of sterilization, it can reflect the biggest advantage of the automatic PLC control system, which is generally used in the sterilization of water bath. Due to the large volume of the sterilization cabinet, for the large volume injection, the sterilization effect directly affects the safety of the drug. At this point, you can use the PLC technology to their advantage to extend the module, can also be an external analog signal through the A/D converter into a digital signal, finally through the PLC logic calculation to effectively control and determination procedures and process of sterilization curve. With the automation PLC control system to control the sterilizer has a very simple programming, and versatility is very strong, the accuracy of the measured curve is very high, the system is also very stable;

(6) in leak detection, PLC automation control system can sense a light source signal from the detection switch by using photoelectric bottle, also can use the output module control actuator applied to a certain extent by pressure to the bottle, and the unqualified products all removed;

(7) in drug packaging, using automated packaging equipment PLC automation control system, used in the air intake and exhaust equipment, and other aspects of the inchworm motor realize full closed operation, the operation process is safe and very clean, and the effect is very good.

The production of drugs is a complete system engineering, which emphasizes the safety of production equipment, automatic production line and how to reduce the error of in situ operation. The rapid rise of PLC control technology has brought the gospel to the manufacturing industry, and it has penetrated into the pharmaceutical production line at the same time to the industrial production line. It makes the pharmaceutical equipment from simple control equipment to complex control systems, and the operation of the way from the cumbersome dangerous to lightweight security. The control technology of automatic PLC control system is safe, accurate and stable.

According to the introduction, you can clearly understand the PLC automation control system can be more convenient for the observed data, real-time control and processing process effectively and has high reliability, operation accuracy is very high and has good safety.