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Application Of Vacuum Feeder In Capsule Filling Machine

Jun 20, 2020

Application of vacuum feeder in capsule filling machine

In recent years, the demand for hard capsules in the pharmaceutical and health products market has been increasing, and the capsule filling machine as its production basic equipment also needs to be upgraded urgently. At present, the manufacturing and technology of capsule filling machines in China are basically mature, but the shortcoming in the United States is its feeding method.

It is understood that since the domestic large-scale application of capsule filling machines to produce hard capsules in the 1980s, the feeding method has gone through several processes: from the original manual ladder pouring to the conveyor belt conveyor, from the barrel type to the positive pressure conveyor , From vacuum conveying to automatic vacuum conveying, in addition to cross-layer air-controlled dead weight conveying.

Industry insiders said that because the mixed powder needs to be stored in a revolving barrel and transported to the capsule filling process, the original manual ladder pouring method, its loading and pouring process will cause the dust to fly, polluting the site and equipment , Operators, etc., are extremely detrimental to air purification, environmental sanitation, personnel health. At the same time, the production site and production equipment are also not easy to clean, and the filter device of the purification system is very easy to block or damage, resulting in poor filtration effect and reduced purification level. In the manual climbing ladder feeding method, the labor intensity of the operator engaged in transportation and ladder feeding is also great. Therefore, it is necessary for the times to change the feeding method of the capsule filling machine.

At present, in domestic solid preparation production, the capsule filling machine is based on the automatic vacuum feeding machine and the barrel lifting machine except for a few of the traditional manual ladders or other methods. With the maturity of the technology of the automatic vacuum feeder and the limitations of the structure of the workshop under construction, coupled with the impact of environmental policy pressure on the capsule production enterprises, the automatic vacuum feeder will show a practical side.

Pneumatic vacuum feeder effectively reduces cross contamination

With the continuous development, promotion and application of vacuum feeders, China has obtained optimized production processes in this field. Among them, the birth of pneumatic vacuum feeders has effectively reduced cross-contamination and dust, and greatly improved the production of pharmaceuticals. quality.

According to experts, the pneumatic vacuum feeder uses compressed air to generate high vacuum through the vacuum generator to achieve the delivery of materials. It does not require a mechanical vacuum pump. It has a simple structure, small size, no maintenance, low noise, and convenient control. Eliminate the advantages of static electricity and meet GMP requirements. The high vacuum generated by the vacuum generator eliminates the stratification of the conveyed materials and guarantees the uniformity of the ingredients of the mixture. It is a tablet press, capsule filling machine, dry granulator, packaging machine, pulverizer, vibrating screen Equipment for automatic feeding of other machinery.

The principle of the pneumatic vacuum feeder is: when compressed air is supplied to the vacuum generator, the vacuum generator generates a negative pressure to form a vacuum airflow, the material is sucked into the feed nozzle, forming a material airflow, and reaches the feeder through the feed pipe In the silo. The filter completely separates the material from the air. When the material is filled into the silo, the controller will automatically cut off the gas source, the vacuum generator stops working, and at the same time the silo door opens automatically, and the material falls into the hopper of the device. At the same time, the compressed air automatically cleans the filter through the pulse blowback valve. When the time is up or the material level sensor sends out the material feeding signal, it will automatically start the material feeding machine.

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