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Be Careful When Buying Capsule Electronic Counter

Jun 13, 2019

Be careful when buying capsule electronic counter

It is reported that in the history of capsule granulator development, capsule granulator began to be formally used in pharmaceutical industry in the future. Its working principle is mainly to preliminarily adjust the vibration feeding plate, so that the grain in the hopper vibrates continuously along the track of the vibration plate until it falls down from the previous photoelectric detection channel, and the photoelectric sensor starts to work and count.

When the particle reaches the predetermined quantity, the PLC closes the electric valve signal to close the outlet, and many good particles fall on the outlet bottle to achieve a variety of functions, which is common in the pharmaceutical industry. With the development of technology, photoelectric counter appears.

Capsule electronic counter plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. It mainly uses computer control and dynamic scanning counting method to make the distribution of each filling drug uniform.

Flat-panel electronic counter can be multi-channel canning, stable operation speed, low noise. The electronic counter has a high counting ability and can automatically replace bottles. When the system fails, the electronic counter can automatically stop working, and then check the cause of the error.

Guangdong Rich Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. suggests that users should refer to a variety of factors when choosing electronic counter, such as compatibility. If the company has more varieties and frequent replacement, it is necessary to consider the tablet issue, such as whether it is a moulding or capsule. Compatibility with different dosage forms.

It is necessary to consider the ability to resist dust, because solid preparations produce more powder. If there is more dust, can the equipment run steadily? Through the cutting and unloading process, the material's protection ability is stable to ensure the accuracy of bottling. At the same time, reduce material damage.

It has the ability to prevent drug interruption and detection functions, such as automatic particle removal and automatic fault detection. Of course, speed and accuracy are also important factors to be considered, but stability and reliability are more important than speed.

Buying a flat-panel electronic counter depends on the accuracy and reliability of the equipment. Guangdong Rich Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. believes that this is a necessary condition. Generally, there are four links that affect the filling accuracy of granulator: photoelectric sensor, electronic storage mechanism, discharge port and bottle washing mechanism. The equipment should adopt anti-dust sensing technology to ensure continuous and reliable counting work for a long time.

Secondly, the design and manufacture of each organization must be scientific, reasonable and reliable. At the same time, the working state of each organization must be fully implemented. Once abnormalities are found, the alarm must be given in time and the corresponding execution must be carried out.