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BY And BG Series Coating Machine Common Breakdowns And Maintenance Of Machines(二)

Aug 11, 2017

BY and BG series coating machine Common breakdowns and maintenance of machines(二)

7, No external heating heat: A) heating must be opened in order to start the host, such as the first host does not start at this time over heating heating does not work; B) internal or external thread loosening caused by poor contact so that the heating board does not work, the only thread reconnection can; C) heating plate burning and the need to replace the new heating plate.

8, If the operation parts suddenly stop working, should check the machine within the circuit breaker is disconnected (except power), such as circuit breaker switch off, the short circuit, the circuit should be identified, repair and then open the circuit breaker. (cause of normal short circuit: A outside heating board, inner heating pipe is damaged, B fan and motor is burned out, coil, C circuit board thread fall off or not)

9, If the electrical components damaged, should replace the same type of electrical components, contactor coil voltage is 220V.

10, If the fault is more than inside the machine (such as reducer and fan), you must first remove the machine disassembly sequence: outsourcing, use a screwdriver to remove the front panel outsourcing machine, with the 6mm inner six angle wrench bolts four M8 fixed frame to remove the outsourcing, outsourcing board disassembly on both sides the forward (beveled at the site) to go out 50-100mm, then pushed back to. When removing, note that if the machine is standard (non-standard configuration of electrical box), you should first mark the electrical control button to remove, so as not to damage the electrical appliances or to confuse the buttons in sequence.

11, no spray coating liquid spray: A) liquid cylinder coating liquid is used up, replenish the coating liquid; B) coating liquid viscosity is too large, or replace the dilution liquid coating coating liquid viscosity properties of similar small (chocolate syrup and not available); C) to check whether the line control problem; D) compressed air the pressure is normal; E) is a foreign body by spray gun; F) whether to replace or open the cleaning gun pipe is inserted into the wrong; G) adjusting nut spray cone angle (gun mouth end) is tightened (released without)