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Capsule Counting Machine

Apr 28, 2018

Capsule counting machine

It was not until the late 1970s that it was officially applied to the pharmaceutical industry. We call it the first generation of photoelectric granulators. Maybe I prefer to call it a fully automatic electronic number machine. Why do you say that? Because it was developed and innovated on the basis of the original seed number, the real meaning is the quantum leap in the quantity of high speed. It is a real solution to the labor force, reducing the cost of use and fully automating the machinery packaging equipment outsourced by the pharmaceutical industry.

At that time, the working principle of the technology: based on the initial adjusting plate vibration feeding, make medicine grain along the vibrating plate inside the hopper rail continuous vibration forward, until the previous channel drop and touches the photoelectric detection photoelectric sensors to start working, count, after the medicine to the expected number of grain, by PLC to electric valve off the feed opening, good medicine grains fall in exports on the bottle, to implement several counting functions, (many number of grain of mechanism of the current domestic manufacturer also basic is to use this form to complete), the mechanical part is to control the servo motor and cylinder.) This is the most popular way to use the pharmaceutical industry.

Disadvantages: this method has several error rate and speed. Because the serial execution instruction is adopted by PLC, the speed can't be fast, and the infrared pulse single line scan. To achieve real photoelectric capsule counting machine, is due to close in recent years, several times of artificial cost high, pharmaceutical logarithmic machine ability of counting again put forward higher requirements, and the two emphasis: number of grain of machine speed is more quick, accuracy to a higher point.

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