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Cause Of Dust Produced By Rotary Tablet Press

Jul 06, 2017

Cause of dust produced by rotary tablet press

(1) dust is produced during manual feeding.

(2) the normal operation of equipment on the stamping process: 1) produced by four organic glass door fan dust adsorption, can not see the tablet, in order to cope with the production of organic glass had to open the door, this violates the GMP requirements; 2) on the tail into the dust, the dust is oil filling caused by the adsorption time lack of oil, if not promptly cleaned up the tail and often cause on the guide rail wear, make the equipment to the normal operation; 3) equipment long time generated by the operation of the dust, will enter the electrical cabinet caused by electrical fault; 4) dust may pollute the pressing room, cleaning and disinfection is not easy to press room.

(3) the normal operation of equipment under the dust generated in the process of stamping, although the powder suction mouth to absorb, but also in the bottom of the mould surface, back down pole attached a dust unloading rod used in playing down, stick percussion in mold, the adhesion of dust into the guide rail along the lower punch, and run oil blending to form sludge, long-term clean-up will pollute the pressing room environment.

(4) fine powder feeder leakage of the normal operation of equipment, if not promptly clean up, Many a little make a mickle. It will be with the rotation of the turntable, and the turntable through the gap between the platen into the guide rail, into the dust will dry lubricating oil, wear and tear caused by the tail and wheel pressure undershoot guide rail, guide rail to reduce the service life, if not timely will be breaking, and damage under the guide rail.

A way to reduce the amount of dust produced by the tabletting process

1. the method of reducing dust when hand feeding

(1) a round lid with a handle is added to the upper opening of the hopper, and it is covered immediately after hand feeding, so as to prevent the dust from spreading.

(2) vacuum feeding machine is used for feeding and sealing feeding hopper.

2., the way to reduce the dust when running the tablet

(1) increase the auxiliary mechanism can adjust up into the die hole depth, reduce the pressure of the powder".

(2) single suction dust suction nozzle change down to suction when the "powder", double stamping powder feeder mouth scraping plane after the turntable of fine dust.

(3) a cap is added to the upper opening of the film groove or a dust suction opening is added on the cover to be connected with the powder suction nozzle to prevent the diffusion of dust from the top plate and the chip.

(4) added a cover plate feeder. 1) do not use this way to force feeder, but hopper feed and force feeder powder inlet to seal the hopper outlet to force feeder pipeline entrance soft connection; 2) natural feeding feeder topped with a grid of organic glass cover to prevent dust in the process of running the punch and the particles collide to produce at the same time, according to the depth of filling configuration of different rail downlink undershoot, decrease the quantity of particles during overflow.

(5) adjust the turntable hole processing technology in mold, lower punch hole, improve the hole surface roughness and diameter grade, narrowed by the punch head and the die gap in holes, reduce the "powder" and "powder leakage".

(6) dust collecting interface is added to the top and top of the press room to further purify and reduce the dust in the press room.

The 3. way to reduce dust down operation pressure

(1) the head part increased with lower punch powder ring, as shown in Figure 2, received by the stamping sheet when falling dust, then sucked powder suction nozzle to pick up dust ring, keep the body washed clean, but also conducive to the lower body washed lubrication, to prolong the life of the turntable.

(2) the clearance to take down, and then use the special cleaning tool to clean dust in the dust falling below the mold, powder collecting ring, then the powder suction suction nozzle to remove the mold powder collecting ring.

4. natural grid feeder, forced feeder and the bottom surface of the turntable in the model plane are along the outer circle of the turntable powder leakage during tablet

(1) the basic structure of raster feeder does not change, reducing the thickness of the wall, forming a feeder frame, and then spraying PTFE or die casting.

(2) the copper substrate hopper feeder forced change sealing ring structure for polyurethane.

(3) feeder into gapless feeder, feeder and rotary table at the bottom die to achieve zero clearance contact, from the structure of the powder scraping plate, powder in the round table to avoid leakage, but also to avoid the leakage of powder dust into excessive undershoots, more conducive to maintain the consistency of the heavy plate.


Through above measures, the amount of dust will be greatly reduced, basically solves the dust caused by impact damage plug guide rail, electrical cabinets into the dust caused by electrical faults, but the pressing room still there would be a small amount of dust.