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Causes Of Dust In Rotating Press Machine

Sep 26, 2019

Causes of Dust in rotating Press Machine

(1) Dust is generated in the manual feeding process.

(2) in the process of stamping sheet on the normal operation of the equipment: 1) the dust produced is adsorbed by four plexiglass doors and can not be seen clearly. In order to cope with the production, the plexiglass door has to be opened, which violates the requirements of GMP; 2) the upper flushing tail also enters the dust, and the dust is adsorbed by the lubricating oil added regularly, resulting in lack of oil. If it is not cleaned in time, it will often cause the upper flushing tail and the upper guideway to wear, so that the equipment can not run normally; 3) the dust produced by the long running of the equipment will enter the electric cabinet to cause electrical failure; 4) the dust will pollute the film chamber and is not easy to clean and disinfect the pressure chamber.

(3) although the dust produced in the process of normal operation of the equipment, although there is a powder suction port, but under the middle die, the head of the lower punch rod will still attach a certain amount of dust, remove and remove the punch rod, the attached dust along the lower punch into the lower guide rail, mixed with lubricating oil to form oil mud, long-term do not clean up the environment of the pressure chamber.

(4) The equipment normally operates the fine powder thrown out by the feeder, and if the cleaning is not timely, the product is less accumulated. As the rotary table rotates, the clearance between the rotary table and the table plate enters the lower guide rail, and the incoming dust can absorb the dry lubricating oil, so that the abrasion of the lower punch tail and the lower guide rail of the pressing wheel is caused, the service life of the guide rail is reduced, and if the broken-punching condition is not timely, the lower guide rail is damaged.