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Cautions For Use Of Aluminum Plastic Machine

Jun 26, 2019

Cautions for Use of Aluminum Plastic Machine


1.When the green indicator light is on, the two heating switches on the top and bottom of the forming and the heat seal are pulled to the "ON" position respectively. The workbench is the first, and the temperature controller controls the forming temperature. Generally, 90C? And 100C?, respectively, are preset for the second temperature controller, and 120C?-140 C?, respectively. The preset temperature of the forming and heat seal temperature controller is determined as appropriate.

2. Put down the upper pressing block of the feeding roller, the temperature of the forming heating plate is in place, and then open the main machine. Plastic PVC is formed first. The forming blister is in accordance with the hole position of the hot sealing die. Pay attention to the hot sealing die base, which is pressed by the hot sealing die with the handle, and the aluminum foil will drive to the blanking. Observe whether the movement of the plastic (referring to PVC moulded on the surface of the machine) is left-right offset. If there is a deviation, the starting direction should be adjusted by adjusting the starting roller seat.

3. If the aluminium foil of the aluminium-plastic packaging machine deviates from left to right, the knuckle roller seat can be adjusted by hand. If the front and rear deviations are adjustable, the box can move.

4. Open the gate of the feeder properly after hot sealing and blanking, so that the medicine (tablet capsules, sugar coatings) can enter the feeding room in a proper amount. If there is a small amount of missing granules, it can be filled manually. The first thing to pay attention to when filling granules is: roll rollers and hooks break aluminium foil. In addition, when forming blisters pass to the edge of the roller, there is a lack of granules, do not reluctantly fill the inaccurate holes. When the medicine is brought into the room, the synchronization will be more seriously affected. When the aluminum foil is sealed on the die, it should be handled by centralizer.