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CH Series Trough-type Mixer Maintenance

May 19, 2017

CH Series Trough-type Mixer maintenance

Pharmaceutical equipment supplier and solution provider Guangdong rich packing reminds you that slot mixer maintenance and maintenance should be aware of the following problems:

The lubricating oil of the reducer is only allowed to use worm rod oil, the oil should be changed once in two months, and the oil will be changed every six months.


Cleaner: 0.03% detergent water, drinking water and purified water.

The conditions, frequency and method of cleaning of mixer implementation:

2.1 use special equipment clean cloth to wipe dust on the surface of the equipment at any time such as dirt, with 0.03% of the detergent water, wipe the surface of equipment, after visual inspection, no dirt, wipe clean equipment with a special clean cloth.

2.2 the dust and ground powder in the equipment should be removed every day.

2.3 remove the powder from the net.

2.4 the equipment should be cleared when changing the variety or changing specifications.

2.4.1.use drinking water to scrub the outside surface of the equipment.

2.4.2 groove material adding suitable amount of drinking water, open a stir for 5 minutes, let the equipment running in impeller and chute wall cleaning, sewage discharge, according to this method repeat several times, until the visual product residue after the great time, rinse with water, washed with purified water again.

Use clean equipment and clean equipment to clean up the dry tube and remove residual water from all parts of the mouth until it

Cut off the power supply.

Caution: prevent the water from being directly immersed in the electrical unit.

Guangdong guangdong rich packing CH - 20 trough type mixing machine of mixture of wide adaptability, suitable for mixing powdery or paste material, make different qualitative material mixing, especially suitable for high uniform requirements, material mixing raw materials of different proportion. It is widely used in medicine, food, chemical industry, building materials, feed etc. 

Product features 

The slot and blade of the slurry are in reverse operation, which solves the problems such as low uniformity and Angle of death due to the different proportion of materials. 

The whole machine is made of stainless steel and conforms to GMP requirements. 

Manual pouring and convenient operation. 

The machine is compact, small and convenient to clean up. 

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