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Characteristics Analysis Of High Speed Box Packing Machine

Jul 10, 2019

Characteristics analysis of high speed box packing machine


High-speed cartoning machine can automatically complete manual folding, carton forming, opening, plate packing, batch number printing, sealing and other work. And can be equipped with hot melt adhesive system to complete hot melt adhesive seal.


It is suitable for packing and packaging of aluminum-plastic medicine plate, medicine bottle, cosmetics, electronics and daily necessities, etc., with automatic completion of folding of operation manual, opening of paper box, packing of articles, printing of batch number and sealing of boxes, etc. The machine can be used alone or connected with other equipment to form a complete production line.


High speed box cartoning machine adopts PLC control. Photoelectric monitoring of various parts of the action, abnormal operation, can automatically stop the cause, so as to timely troubleshooting;


The frame is equipped with the main drive motor and clutch brake, and the torque overload protector of each part of the drive system is installed on the machine plate. In the case of overload, the main drive motor can be separated from each part of the drive to ensure the safety of the whole machine.


Equipped with intelligent detection device. No material automatically under the manual, under the carton, convenient and forward equipment linked work. In the process of inspection, waste products (no pharmaceutical version, manual) are found to be removed at the export site, so as to ensure that the quality of products fully meet the qualified requirements;


High-speed box Cartoning machine can be used alone, or connected with blister packing machine and other equipment to form a complete production line.


High-speed cartoning machine can be used according to different requirements of users, can change the packaging specifications, adjustment and debugging is simple, that is, it is suitable for the production of a large number of single varieties, and can meet the users of small batch of multiple varieties of production.

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