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Characteristics Of Medical Cartoning Machine

Jul 10, 2019

Characteristics of medical Cartoning Machine


Cartoning machine is a kind of packing machinery, automatic packing machine, medical packing machine and so on. The automatic Cartoning machine automatically loads the medicine bottle, medicine plate, ointment and instruction manual into the folding carton, and completes the action of covering the carton. Some fully functional automatic Cartoning machines also have additional functions such as sealing labels or thermal shrinkage wrapping. The feeding process from the feeding to the packaging can be roughly divided into four stages: lower box, open, fill and close the lid. The lower box action is usually by a suction cup from the carton feed port draw a carton, down to the main line of the box. The carton is fixed by a guide card and opened by a push plate. After filling the carton in the loading area, insert the insert tongue into the box and lock it tightly.


Medical Cartoning machine compared with other Cartoning machine, its special points:


(1) insert the drug description;


(2) carton shall be randomly printed with production date, product batch number, expiration date, etc. (such as supervision code of special drugs);


(3) counting statistics of packing boxes (the counting distribution requirements in article 4703 of GMP certification and evaluation standards for drugs);


(4) internal packaging drug quality inspection;


(5) can adapt to the requirements of changing batches/times. For other USES of the box machine, these special points do not have to reach all.


Medical Cartoning machine in the form


1) it can be divided into horizontal type and vertical type according to the way of entering the carton. Among them, the type pushed into the carton in the horizontal direction of the packaging is called horizontal, the type pushed into the carton in the vertical direction of the packaging is called vertical.


2) in carton sealing form, it can be divided into tongue type, adhesive type, mixed type, label type, expansion type and self-locking type.


3) according to the shape of the object to be packaged, it can be divided into plate (such as blister packaging), bottle, hose, shaped, etc.


4) according to the specifications of the products to be packaged, it can be divided into single, double, multiple and combination parts (such as 1 antibiotic bottle powder needle +1 ampoule needle)