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Classification Of Tablet Presses

Jan 14, 2019

Classification of tablet presses


Application scope of guangdong ruiqi tablet press:

Tablet press not only can be used in drug processing factory, a food safety standard tablet machine can also be used for milk processing plant, the processing of calcium tablet, disinfection, can be compressed circular slice, lettering, double pills, multilayer films, ring type and package chip such as pills, status in the development of the pharmaceutical machinery in China is very important. The following to the press a small - scale knowledge of the relevant to do an introduction.


The types of tablet press can be divided into single-punch tablet press, flower basket tablet press, rotary tablet press, sub-high-speed rotary tablet press, automatic high-speed tablet press and rotary core-core tablet press.


The above content is the knowledge of the classification of the tablet press. Rich Packing professional press, there are needs of friends please contact us.