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Common Excipients: Use Of Magnesium Stearate, Micropowder Silica Gel And Talcum Powder

Mar 30, 2018

Common excipients: use of magnesium stearate, micropowder silica gel and talcum powder


Magnesium stearate, its texture is very soft, so is mainly used as a lubricant, to fill the particle surface pits, interaction between the use of particles is weak, easy to slide between each other; the general amount of 0.1%~1.0%, special circumstances can amount more. Dosage is too large, due to its hydrophobicity, will cause the disintegration of tablets the slow (or dissolution). In addition, this product is not suitable for the tablets of acetic acid salicylic acid, some antibiotic drugs and most organic alkali salt drugs.


The function of talc is similar to that of magnesium stearate, but it is not easy to affect water infiltration, so it does not affect dissolution.


The silica silica powder is very fine powder, because the bulk density is small, the texture is very loose, it is mainly used as glidants. After using the main filling in between the particles, isolated mutually embedded between the particles, but does not fill the pit. But the particle surface fine powder particle texture is dry hard, because if the amount is too large, there may be rushed. This product has astringent hydrophilic, therefore does not affect the water infiltration, on the dissolution of the normal dosage of 0.1%~0.3%. is sometimes used as assistant suspension suspension, the amount may be more than 10%.


Micropowder silica gel (Aerosil) is a fine flux flux, which can be used as a flow agent for direct powder pressing.


Talcum powder mainly as glidants use, it can be hollow particles fill reinforcing, reduce the roughness of the surface of the particle, once to reduce friction, inter particle particle flow to improve the purpose (it should be noted: because the tabletting process will make the mechanical vibration, phase separation and particle). The usual dose is 0.1% to 3%, a maximum of not more than 5%.

In the actual production, we generally use the talcum powder 2-3%, magnesium stearate 0.5-1% combined with traditional Chinese medicine tablet (Chinese herbal medicine of high sugar and oily ingredients); the western medicine tablet used in 1% magnesium stearate on the line; and combined with water for vegetable tablets and capsules used 0.5% magnesium stearate silica powder 0.5%.