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Common Fault Handling Of Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Mar 11, 2020

Common fault handling of semi-automatic capsule filling machine

1. The vibration is not ideal, adjust the voltage.

2, the reed screws are loose, tighten the screws.

3. The capsule shells are lined up in the working table, the mouth is higher or lower, and the height of the displacement plate and the guide rail are adjusted.

4. The capsule shell is turned down too much (more than 3%), and the vibrator is not adjusted properly. Due to the adjustment of the appropriate voltage or the size of the capsule shell is out of specification, a qualified capsule shell is selected.

5. The capsule shell is stuck on the platen and cannot fall. Replace the capsule shell or adjust the position of the misalignment plate and the hole of the platen.

6. The mold cannot be reset in the track. The compression spring at the rear end of the guide rail is stuck or the capsule deformation is stuck. Reinstall the spring or ejector, and push the push rod down to push the jammed capsule down.

7. The guide plate in the mold is abraded, which affects the low rate of capsule fit. Replace the mold or loose the positioning on both sides, fasten the positioning pins, the capsule is deformed or wet, and replace the capsule shell.