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Common Problem Handling And Maintenance Of Rotary Tablet Press II

Jun 19, 2019

Common problem handling and maintenance of rotary tablet press

Loose pieces (after the tablet is pressed, the hardness is not enough, the surface has pitting holes, and it is broken by light pressure with a finger)

1. pressure is not enough. Solution: Increase the pressure. However, for some special-purpose large pieces, the pressure is large, and the pressure requirement is to reach the upper limit of the pressure of the tablet press or exceed the upper limit of the pressure. It is necessary to customize the tablet press of the corresponding specification with large pressure.

2 .The pressure is too low and the speed is fast. The pressure time is extended, the preload is increased, and the rotation speed is reduced.

3. more punching machine on the length of the rush. Solution: Adjust the punch.

4 .The active punching head is loose. Fasten.

5 .The pulverization fineness of the drug is insufficient, the fibrous or elastic drug or the oil component is contained in a large amount and the mixing is uneven. The drug can be pulverized through a 100 mesh sieve, a viscous adhesive is selected, the pressure of the tablet press is appropriately increased, and the oil drug absorbent is sufficiently mixed to overcome the method.

6 .The amount of adhesive or wetting agent is insufficient or improperly selected, so that the granular texture is loose or the particle thickness is unevenly distributed, and the coarse particles and the fine particles are layered. It can be overcome by selecting appropriate binders or increasing the amount, improving the granulation process, mixing the soft materials, and mixing the particles.

7. The water content of the particles is too small, and the excessively dried particles have greater elasticity. The drug containing crystal water loses more crystal water during the drying process of the particles, making the particles crisp and easy to loosen the pieces. Therefore, when granulating, the water content of the granules should be controlled according to different varieties. If the prepared granules are too dry, spray an appropriate amount of dilute ethanol (50% - 60%), mix and compress.

8 .The nature of the drug itself. Although the tablets with high density have a certain hardness, they cannot withstand collision and shaking. For example, bismuth nitrate tablets and soda granules tend to produce pine flakes; the density is small, the fluidity is poor, the compressibility is poor, and the granulation is re-granulated.

9 .The flowability of the particles is poor, and the particles filled in the middle die holes are not uniform.

10 There are large pieces or particles, debris blocking the scraper and the discharge port, affecting the filling amount.

11. When adding granules in the hopper for a long time. The particles should be added to keep a certain amount of stock in the hopper.