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Common Problems And Solutions Of Press Wheel Of High Speed Rotary Press (1)

Sep 11, 2019

Common Problems and Solutions of Press Wheel of High Speed Rotary Press (1)

The pressing wheel of high-speed rotary tablet press can be divided into upper and lower pressing wheels. It is also a device for adjusting tablet pressure and increasing protection. Analysis of common faults of rotary tablet press and solutions:

1: The wheel of high-speed tablet press is worn seriously, which will lead to large resistance at the tail of the punch rod. The wheel must be replaced. When the inner hole of the press wheel and the press wheel axle are worn seriously, the press wheel or the press wheel axle must also be replaced. In addition, wheelshafts sometimes break and deform, mainly due to excessive pressure. Most of them are caused by excessive adjustment due to material pressure. At this time, it is necessary to replace the wheelshafts, adjust the materials and re-adjust the pressure.

2: Press roller bearing oil shortage or damage: periodically lubricate roller bearing maintenance, damage timely replacement. Regulating system (pressure regulation, filling regulation) includes pressure regulation system and filling regulation system. Common reasons and solutions are analyzed in this chapter.

(1) Regulation failure: Normally, the regulation failure is caused by the loosening of the hand wheel screw, which makes the adjustment of the hand wheel ineffective, or by the clamping of the adjusting worm wheel. At this time, check the adjusting hand wheel and the worm wheel, and can be solved by tightening the screw and lubricating the rotating worm wheel.

(2) Overload protection system

Common failures analysis and solutions of overload protection system of high-speed pharmaceutical tablet press. Frequent alarm is mainly caused by too small pressure set by overload induction overload protection spring of tablet pressure. The solution is to adjust pressure handwheel, reduce pressure or increase the setting pressure set by overload protection projectile.