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Maintenance Instructions for Aluminum Plastic Machines

Apr 10, 2019

Maintenance Instructions for Aluminum Plastic Machines


1. The heat sealing quality of plastic aluminium foil (uniform, firm and even adhesion) is evidenced by temperature or pressure, and the flatness of the reticulated plate. If there is a bad heat sealing, it is generally appropriate to temperature, generally appropriate to temperature, pressure is slightly lower, adjust temperature, and adjust the screw pressure most.
2. Blanking offset, layout offset, shutdown will move the manual adjustment box, has been able to shift the mode.

3. Aluminum-plastic packaging machine because of increasing the weight of drugs, aluminum foil tension and machine temperature gradually change procedures, may produce forming and heat sealing asynchronism phenomenon, ahead or behind, first check whether plastic PVC and aluminum foil are segregated, and then adjust by fine-tuning mechanism on the machine. The fine-tuning mechanism adjusts the die forward and backward because of its adjusting distance or the front and back of the box body. Therefore, before starting, it should be placed in a neutral position to move forward and backward. It can also be adjusted by moving the front box. After moving correctly, the plate will not be correct until more than a dozen editions have been completed. Therefore, when not finished, don't adjust it indiscriminately.

4. Aluminum-plastic packaging machine's daily operation knowledge, for the operation work, we must understand the structure and principle of the machine. The roller of the top rod seat is driven by the cam, the upper and lower travel, the position of the top cover template is fixed, and the blister is in bad condition. We should pay attention to the forming die or heat sealing to the top stop point, fasten the stud nut, if we don't pay attention, it is easy to break down. The roller needle of the top rod seat bites dead, and the elimination method.