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Common Problems In Application Of Blister Packaging Machine

Sep 21, 2018

Common problems in application of blister packaging machine

Blister packing machine can be distinguished by molding and hot-pressing sealing. According to production experience, it is found that blister packing machine is easy to have problems in foam cover molding and hot-sealing. According to the principle that the PVC film is heated through the mold and shaped into the desired shape and size by compressed air or vacuum during the forming of the blister, the problems of the blister should be solved from the following aspects.

(1)whether the PVC film (hard piece) is a qualified product;

(2) whether the temperature of the heating device is too high or too low;
(3) whether the surface of the heating device is adhered to PVC;
(4) whether the molding mold is qualified, whether the molding hole is smooth, whether the air hole is unobstructed;
(5) whether the cooling system of the molding mold is working properly, or not. Effective;
(6) Whether the vacuum and exhaust rate of the roller negative pressure forming can reach the normal value, whether the pipeline has abnormal loss;
(7) Whether the compressed air of the flat positive pressure forming is clean and dry, whether the pressure and flow can reach the normal value, whether the pipeline has abnormal loss;
(8) Whether the flat positive pressure forming mold is flat or not Line clamping PVC belt, there is no leakage phenomenon.


Some advanced aluminum-plastic bubble-cover packaging machines are equipped with various automatic monitoring devices, which can play a variety of protective roles and automatically stop the operation of the machine when the following problems are found:

(1) Safety cover open;
(2) insufficient compressed air pressure;
(3) insufficient heating temperature;
(4) PVC film or aluminum foil used up;
(5) packaging of drugs used up;
(6) mechanical overload of some workstations;
(7) circuit overload.


The machine cannot start operation until the following problems are solved.

(1) The safety cover is not completely closed;
(2) the compressed air pressure is insufficient;
(3) the heating temperature is insufficient;
(4) the lack of PVC or aluminum foil film;
(5) overload or other failures have not been eliminated;
(6) the function button is set incorrectly, the emergency stop key is not reset, etc.