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Common Troubles And Solutions Of Rotary Tablet Press

Apr 27, 2017

Common troubles and solutions of rotary tablet press

Guangdong ruiqi packaging machinery co., LTD production of rotary tablet press is the main production equipment, pharmaceutical enterprise production tablet which has compact structure, stable performance, high yield, easy to clean, affordable and simple operation etc., welcome the masses of customers.Because tablet machine production speed is higher, once appear, fault problems will seriously affect the production, brings to the enterprise loss, so the skilled analysis of common failure problems and solve them is very important for pharmaceutical production.Combined with debugging and maintenance to the customer actual tablet press, through mechanical, electrical, auxiliary engine several aspects, such as the analysis of common failures, puts forward the corresponding methods for solving the purpose is the tablet machine maintenance of pharmaceutical enterprises to provide some help.
 1. The basic structure of rotary machine
 The utility model relates to a rotary tablet press, which is mainly composed of a base, a worm gear box, a rotary table, a guide rail, a pressing wheel, a feeding, an adjusting device, an electric appliance and a peripheral part. Its working principle is: through the rotation of the turntable, so as to meet the certain requirements of the granular material feeder into a mould, and by uniformly on the turntable vice die under the action of the press wheel, the material is compressed into tablets. At the same time, when the turntable rotates, up and down with the guide rail rod curve trajectory for lifting movement, so as to achieve the purpose of compression.  

2 common problems and solutions of fault
 In the practice of the commissioning and maintenance of rotary tablet press, often encounter some machine fault problems of these faults while different, but its generalization, can be analyzed from several aspects of mechanical and electrical equipment, auxiliary equipment, and through the analysis to find the corresponding solution.

2.1 part machinery
 The common faults of the mechanical part of the rotary tablet press are easy to occur in the following parts: the turntable, the guide rail, the pressure wheel, the adjustment (pressure regulation, the filling adjustment), the feeding, the overload protection, the reduction box and the stamping die.   
 2.1.1 part of the table
 Turntable rotary tablet press machine is a circular disc, the punch holes and the die holes are evenly distributed on the periphery, when it is driven in rotation of the spindle, the punch guide along the curve up and down movement, thus completing the tabletting process. Table is the main working parts of machine, working in continuous process, the common fault problem;
 (1) punch holes in the die hole or by long-term wear caused by two coaxial hole does not meet the requirements of
 (2) effects of filling or a turntable moves
 (3) die up in due to loose screw die
 (4) in the mold top wire has no effect

Analysis and solution:
 (1) in the process of using, punch hole and die hole due to different degrees of wear may appear different shaft phenomenon, make down the mobile rod friction resistance increases, leading to severe compression can not be normal. In view of this situation, if the production task is tight, can be used for the time of the punching die hole not to use the method to maintain production, the production task is not tight, and then maintenance. If the wear is not very serious, it can be used to reaming the reaming hole with reamer to restore the coaxiality, and the need to replace the turntable when the wear is serious.  
 (2) the shift of the turntable is usually caused by the loosening of the taper locking block of the fixed table.  
 (3) the middle mould is moved up, most of which are caused by the loosening of the top die of the middle mould.  
 (4) the top of the die is a wearing part,, which can not be used for long time.
 The zp-37d rotary tablet machine, which is produced by guangdong riqi packaging machine, is a two-pressure automatic rotary continuous press machine, which can suppress the granulated material into tablets.The machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronic and other industries.The outer shell of the enclosure is fully enclosed, which is made of stainless steel and can keep the surface gloss and prevent cross-contamination, which is in accordance with GMP requirements.
 Transparent protective cover can clearly see the operation of the machine, and it can be fully opened, easy to clean and maintain.Transmission system is installed in the machine body below the fuel tank, it is safe to separate independent components.