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Composition And Structure Of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Apr 09, 2020

Composition and structure of automatic capsule filling machine

Full automatic hard capsule filling machine station:

During the operation of the full-automatic capsule filling machine, the capsules in the first two stations will enter the feeding plate vertically one by one through the capsule funnel, first push the horizontal fork to the outer end of the correction block, then push the vertical or vacuum suction into the mold hole, and separate the cap and the body under the action of the vacuum suction; the third station, under the action of the track, the lower module will descend and move outward; the third station The pellets in the hopper are fed into the capsule body of the lower module through the opening and closing actions of the upper and lower switch plates; the fifth station is the transition station; the sixth station removes the defective capsules which are not separated from the cap body by the air blowing pipeline and blows them into the waste capsule body for collection and treatment; the seventh station moves inward and rises at the same time under the action of the track; the fifth station is the transition station The eight position locking push rod rises under the action of the cam to lock the filled capsule; the ninth position discharging push rod rises under the action of the cam to push the locked capsule out of the collection; the tenth position vacuum cleaner cleans the mold hole and enters the next cycle again.

The structure of automatic capsule filling machine is composed of empty capsule cutting device, capsule distributing device, powder cutting device, metering plate mechanism, capsule filling sealing mechanism, main transmission mechanism in the box and electrical control system.

1) Empty capsule blanking device of powder full-automatic hard capsule filling machine: it is composed of hopper and conveying pipeline. It mainly stores empty capsules and makes them enter the capsule sub main device vertically one by one.

2) Capsule distributing device of small capsule filling machine: make the empty capsule enter into the selective feeding fork of the distributing device. When the selective feeding fork moves downward once, six capsules will be delivered, and the rubber cap is on it. At the same time, the vacuum separation system put the capsule into the module and separated the body and cap.

3) Powder blanking device of hard capsule filling machine: it is composed of powder hopper, powder hopper screw, blanking conveying pipe, etc. It mainly controls the stored powder into the metering plate under the action of screw and mixing.

4) Measuring disk mechanism: according to the specifications of the capsule and the matching of the filling capacity. The powder is filled and compacted five times in the intermittently rotating metering disk to form the medicine column, and pushed into the capsule of the lower module.

5) Capsule filling and sealing mechanism: when the lower capsule body of the drug column is pushed in, the rubber cap of the upper and lower modules and the lower capsule body are pushed up to make it buckle.

6) Main transmission mechanism in the box: the box is powered by the motor, box type fukumori intermittent rotation mechanism, gear pair, deceleration, cam pair and chain transmission mechanism. Meanwhile, the variable frequency motor achieves the function of variable frequency speed regulation.

7) Electrical control system: PLC system controls and displays the process elements of each capsule filling.