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Correct Maintenance Method For Punch Of Dichroic Tablet Press

Apr 10, 2019

Correct maintenance method for punch of dichroic tablet press


Punch is an indispensable part of dichroic tablet press. After a period of application, the effect of the punch is not good because of sticking materials or other reasons. Regular maintenance of the punch of dichroic tablet press can quickly and effectively reduce the probability of failure and prolong the service life of the punch.

1. Remove adhesives. There are various kinds of processed materials, many of which have strong stickiness. Material adhering to the surface of punch will become thick and firm with the passage of time, thus forming a solid dirt layer, which makes cleaning work difficult. If the adhesives are easy to clean, clean them directly with clean water. If the dirt is more difficult to clean, copper wire brush can be used to throw away the adhesion on the punch, then a little abrasive paste is used to polish the sheet surface. Of course, warm water can also be used to soak the punch, which can greatly speed up the cleaning speed of the punch.

Notes: Do not throw with wire brush, otherwise it is easy to scratch the sheet surface. In addition, the water stains should be erased in time to avoid rusting of the punch.

2. Addition of lubricant. In order to make the punch work smoothly, it is necessary to lubricate it regularly. Equipment managers can formulate appropriate cycle, adjust lubricants for lubrication work, can effectively solve the phenomenon of punch carton.

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