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Daily Maintenance Of Granular Packaging Machine.

Mar 03, 2018

Daily maintenance of granular packaging machine.


Guangdong rich packing particle packaging machine can automatically complete the bag, filling, measuring, sealing, cutting, counting, stepless speed regulation and other functions. The granule packaging machine needs to be properly maintained and maintained during normal times, so that it can wait longer. The following are the aspects to be paid attention to:

1, always pay attention to machine oil, usually need to need to add oil full every time before driving, pay attention to, especially the temperature of the bearing and the running status according to the actual situation to add oil.

2, must check the worm gear box for the oil, it is very important, and worm gear to all the oil level of intrusion, in general, often use particle packing machine will replace the oil every 3 months, how to put the oil please see illustrations of the particle packing machine, usually open at the bottom of the oil plug.

3. When adding oil, pay attention to avoid oil spill, and do not pour oil on the machine accessories, because it is easy to contaminate other materials and cause fire.

4. It is necessary to check the fixed machine parts every month, and check the main parts such as worm gear and lubricating block. Pay attention to the factors that affect the production of the rotating parts of the machine, such as abrasion or inelasticity, etc., once the workers are found, please repair them and avoid accidents.

5, machinery should be in constant temperature in the dry environment and use, it is easier to prevent mechanical exposure in damp environment corrosion caused part broken in body, etc., used to keep the air circulation.

6. When the machine is finished, or when it stops working, the power should be cut off and the internal roller should be cleaned, so that the next time the machine can work smoothly.

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