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Development Of Domestic Medicine Cartoning Machine

Aug 19, 2020

1.1 definition of pharmaceutical Cartoner

In the soon to be released "pharmaceutical machinery terminology" (GB / t15692), the packaging machinery is defined as the machine that can open the box, insert the instruction manual, and pack and seal the bottles, blister plates, flexible tubes and other pharmaceutical packaging materials. It is arranged in Item (8.2) of packaging machinery for drug packaging materials. Meanwhile, in the composition of packaging machinery, manual folding machine, multi-function origami machine, continuous tongue inserting box filling machine, intermittent tongue inserting box filling machine, continuous paste pasting box filling machine and intermittent paste pasting box filling machine are listed.

1.2 special significance of medical cartoning machine

Different from other cartoning machines, medical cartoning machine has its own particularity. According to the article 4603 of the standard for inspection and evaluation of GMP certification, drug packaging materials printed with the same contents as the label should be managed according to the label. In other words, the management of drug outer packing box is equivalent to the label. Based on the particularity of drug outer packing box, it also extends the particularity of medicine packaging machine.

Compared with other cartoning machines, the special points of medical cartoning machine are as follows

(1) Insert drug instructions;

(2) Cartons should be randomly printed with production date, product batch number, expiration date, etc. (such as supervision code of special drugs);

(3) Counting and statistics of cartons (it should meet the counting distribution requirements in article 4703 of GMP certification and evaluation standard);

(4) Check the quality of inner packing drugs;

(5) It can meet the requirements of batch change / time. For other purpose cartoner, these special points need not be all achieved.

1.3 form and classification of medical cartoning machine

1.3.1 form of medical cartoning machine

(1) It can be divided into horizontal type and vertical type according to the way of packing materials entering carton. Among them, the model of pushing the packaged material into the carton horizontally is called horizontal, and the machine that the packed material enters the carton vertically is called vertical. At present, most of them are horizontal.

(2) According to the final carton sealing form, it can be divided into tongue type, adhesive type, mixed type, labeling, unfolding type, self-locking type, etc.

(3) According to the shape of the package, it can be divided into plate shape (such as bubble cap packaging), bottle shape, hose shape, shape, etc.

(4) According to the specifications of the package, it can be divided into single piece, double piece, multi piece, combined parts (such as 1 antibiotic bottle powder injection + 1 ampoule water injection), etc.

1.3.2 classification of pharmaceutical Cartoner

In the past, some professionals classified the cartoning machine according to the speed, and considered that the packing speed of 60-80 boxes / min was medium low speed type, 80-120 boxes / min was medium and high-speed type, and more than 150 boxes / min was high-speed type. The classification is based on the technical level around 2000. With the continuous improvement of manufacturing and control technology, the packing speed of 500-600 boxes / min has appeared in the world. Obviously, the former classification standard can not continue to adapt, and it is necessary to re classify. On the premise of considering the national conditions and the international advanced level, the author thinks that it is appropriate to make the following classification:

(1) The packing speed of 60-120 cartons / min is medium and low speed type;

(2) 150-180 boxes / min is medium high speed type;

(3) 200-300 boxes / min is high-speed type;

(4) Over 350 boxes / min is super high speed type.

Among them, the 60-80 box / min cartoning machine is mainly composed of cam mechanism, which has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, strong adaptability, convenience and practicality, and the disadvantages are that it is not easy to adjust and the speed is low; the 80-120 box / min box loading machine is mainly based on the mechanical cam mechanism, which has the advantages of relatively stable operation, convenient adjustment and wide application fields, and the disadvantage is that the rotary carton forming and unfolding mechanism can not adapt to the speed Changes: 150-200 boxes / min cartoning machine mainly adopts mechanical continuous working mechanism, its advantages are high-speed, and its disadvantages are strong pertinence and strict requirements on packaging materials; 280-300 box / min cartoning machine mainly adopts advanced control technology such as machinery and servo.

Generally speaking, the 60-120 boxes / min cartoning machine belongs to intermittent type, while the 150-200 boxes / min medical cartoning machine belongs to continuous working type.

1.4 the function of medical cartoning machine in the production line of drug back channel outer packaging

In modern pharmaceutical industry, the main components and processes of the production line of pharmaceutical afterpackaging are shown in Figure 1.

The main equipment of drug back packaging production line is composed of box loading machine, pillow type packaging machine, heat shrinkable packaging line, packing machine, sealing machine, marking machine and packing machine, etc. along with this line, there are auxiliary devices such as sorting and stacking, transfer or connection conveyor belt device, intermediate processing device and detection and control device. It can be said that the cartoning machine is the basis of the whole line, and it is also necessary to realize the production of modern pharmaceutical packaging.