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Difference Between New And Old Type Electronic Counting Machine

Mar 12, 2021

The electronic counter machine is the kind of material filling machinery, controlled by the PLC system.It can vibrate the feed trough, scanning and counting by photoelectric eye, bottle filling from the feeding head. Photoelectric counter machine is mainly using in the pharmaceutical industry, food field, laboratory in university and others. This vision counting machine used to counting sizes of capsules (soft or hard type), shapes of tablets, shapes of candy and etc.


When users use the automatic counting machine, they always are faced with many difficulties of disassembly or installation or maintenance or cleaning for very long time. RichPacking company through market research for a long-term, over 20 years of accumulation, updated the products constantly, finally developed the new electronic tablet counting machine model. To the old products of the others, this new model has made many of tech-innovations in modularization and intelligence.


The following details of the differences between the new and the old model:


1. Modularization

New type: key parts, include detection eye module, blocking cylinder, vibrating groove, etc., these are modularized. The installation and disassembly progress can be done in  reduced by 90%, and can be done just like building blocks

Old type: It’s fixed by screws, installation and disassembly will take a very long time. So these are difficult for debug, for customers who need changing several of makings.


2. Photoelectric detection system

New type: using 1 vs 1 independent unit, parallel reference way circuit, no influence from each other.If the unit is broken, it will not affect the operation from the detection system, and only need replace the broken one, the cost of maintenance is 10% of the old one.

Old type: Series connection mode adopted. As long as one unit broken, the whole detection board must be replaced, the cost is high.


3. Photoelectric technology

 New type: 360 ° scanning system, matrix layout ways. The accuracy rate is more than 99.98%, far from the industry standard.

Old type:  Using the technology of 80's, often missing and wrong counting.


4. Filling method

New type: adopts the sleeve type filling mouth, and the materials can filler the bottle accurately. Cylinder driven by vibration cutting mode, speed and accuracy.

Old type: the filling head is fixed, which can't match the bottles in different sizes accurately, and the makings are often scattered.


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