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Disassembly And Installation Of Main Parts Of Small Powder Tablet Press

Feb 27, 2019

Disassembly and installation of main parts of small powder tablet press


1. Disassembly of middle mould plate of small powder tablet press: pull out the powder baffle plate, remove the hopper, screw out the feeder fixing screw, screw down the feeder fixing stud and spring, remove the feeder, screw down the middle mould plate fixing screw and spring washer, then remove the middle mould plate. Installation: refer to the reverse sequence above. Pay attention to alignment when screw up feeder. To avoid damage to the feeder wire hole.


2. Upper punch mandrel disassembly: loosen the locking nut of the connecting rod, rotate the upper punch mandrel to make it separate from the connecting rod, rotate the handwheel to make the eccentric wheel housing rise to the high position of zui, rotate the eccentric connecting rod housing to make the connecting rod swing to the top of the front, then the upper punch mandrel can be extracted from the top of the die frame hole. Installation follows the reverse sequence described above.


3. Disassembly of down-flush core rod: screw down the down-flush fixing screw, butterfly screw and gear pressing plate to turn the adjusting gear, so that the down-flush core rod is lowered and removed from the bottom hole of the body. Installation: refer to the reverse sequence above.


4, connecting rod disassembly: first remove the core bar, and then take off the connecting rod pin on the steel ring, take out the connecting rod pin, namely the next link. Installation: proceed in reverse order as described above.


5. Disassembly of large pulley, pinion and axle axle: push down the lower triangle belt, unscrew the right end of axle axle and washer (inside the fuselage), hold the large pulley together with the pinion and axle axle by hand and draw it out, then you can draw the axle axle from the wheel hole. (the big belt pulley and the pinion and the axle sleeve are pressed together, generally do not need to be disassembled). Installation: refer to the reverse sequence above.


6. Spindle disassembly of small powder tablet press: two people should disassemble the spindle. First, remove the large pulley, and then unscrew the nut to remove the lever, lever shaft and filling roller. (if necessary, remove the handwheel and cam-filled) remove the protective cover, unscrew the screws and washers, and hammer the inner side of the big gear with a wooden hammer on the non-working face (not major). Remove it (pay attention not to lose the lifting roller), and then hit the shaft end with a wooden hammer and a copper rod (pay attention not to damage the screw hole at the shaft end), hold the other end of the shaft firmly and hold the eccentric wheel shell, and slowly remove the spindle. Installation: refer to the reverse sequence above.

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