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Disassembly Operation Of Die For Rotary Press Machine

Aug 21, 2019

Disassembly Operation of Die for Rotary Press Machine


The classification of finished products of pressing of tablet press is as follows: tablet press, double-layer tablet press, double-layer tablet press, annular tablet press, candy tablet press, etc. It is essential to disassemble and maintain the die in the process of using. The following is the disassembly operation guide for the die of rotary tablet press:

Disassembly of Punching Die for Pharmaceutical Tablet Press

(1) Rotary loosening of the upper punch fastening nut can pull out the upper punch rod, which can be pulled out by gripping the upper punch rod with a hand clamp, but attention should be paid to not damaging the edge of the punch.

(2) Disassembly of medium dies

Release the fixed screw in the middle die, screw down and punch the fixed screw, loosen the butterfly screw and loosen the gear pressing plate. Rotate the adjusting gear, make the lower punching core rod rise about 10 mm, gently rotate the handwheel, make the lower punching core rod eject a part of the middle die, take out the middle die by hand, if the middle die is closely matched in the hole, do not use force to rotate the hard top of the handwheel, so as to avoid damaging the machine parts. At this time, it is necessary to remove the middle die plate and take out the middle die.

(3) disassembly and downrush

First, screw down and punch the fixed screw, then turn the handwheel to make the downward punch rise to the high position of zui, and then pull out the downward punch rod by hand. If the fit is tight, it can be clamped out by hand forceps (be careful not to damage the edge of the punch).

(4) After the die is disassembled, the adjusting gear needs to be rotated so that the downward core rod can be retracted by about 10 mm. When the downward core rod of the hand wheel is rotated to the high position of zui, the top of the downward core rod is not higher than the bottom of the middle die platform (this step should be noted in order to prevent the downward core rod from colliding with the downward core rod in use). After that, the fixed screw will still be pushed down and screwed up.