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Diversified Demands Of Rotary Tablet Press

Jul 01, 2018

Diversified demands of rotary tablet press

According to the Guangdong Richpacking analysis, rotary tablet press of custom-made, the diversification of customer needs has become increasingly apparent, tablet form is varied, the potential demand for bedding face is wide, well above the scope of the pharmaceutical industry and the application in all walks of life, this adumbrative tablet press market will develop towards diversification, custom-made, small batch production will be the tablet equipment manufacturers an important choice.

Analysis on the diversification requirements of tablet type

1.1 variety of tablet type and pressing method

For tablet manufacturers, their products are no longer a single round tablet, but a variety of diverse requirements.

(1) according to the shape, it can be divided into a series of diverse requirements, such as ring, square, trapezoid, ellipse, triangle, sphere, petal shape, deep concave and shallow concave. To achieve these tablet products to suppress, the punching die need customized according to user's tablet products, most of the non-standard punching die, habits will suppress square, trapezoid, triangle, petals noncircular tablet punching die is called alien dies, this kind of punch punch needs to be configured on the directional keys, turret punch holes need machining keyway and punch to cooperate to complete the tablet for suppression.

(2) according to the color, it can be divided into monochrome, dual-color and so on. Monochromatic is suppressed in a materials, double color piece needs two kinds of material (the two kinds of material is compressed into a tablet, but levels, color and clear), and to realize the double color piece, the need for tablet press down guide rail system, realize the two filling, a piece. Among them, if the special device is added, the content of one of the materials can be measured to control the ratio of the two materials.

(3) according to the belt, it can be divided into those with Chinese characters, those with letters and those with figures. The pressing of this kind of tablet is also to be customized according to the sample of the user tablet product, and the corresponding Chinese characters or graphics are processed on the die to achieve the tablet pressing.

(4) according to the appearance size, it can be divided into standard shape size and super size. For large specifications of the tablet products, both to build large size punching die, and to the modification of the structure of the machine, mainly for filling control system, pressure regulating system, guiding system and the turntable is modified.

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