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Domestic Capsule Filling Machines Are Rising Rapidly

Jul 05, 2018

Domestic capsule filling machines are rising rapidly


With the deepening of economic globalization, China pays more and more attention to the development of pharmaceutical machinery industry. As a kind of pharmaceutical machinery, the (semi-automatic) capsule filling machine has been widely used. With the promotion of science and technology, it is developing towards the direction of multifunction. 

 At present, at home and abroad, the general packaging machinery and equipment of various varieties and small quantities have been developed, which makes the form of packaging machinery increasing day by day. 

Capsule filling machine is a kind of packing machine which can pack accurate quantity of packaging into various containers. It is understood that capsule filling machine is a special capsule filling equipment for pharmaceutical industry. On the basis of the traditional capsule filling machine, it has been improved repeatedly. It improves the frequency and amplitude of the vibrator and the radians of the guide plate, which makes the arrangement speed faster and the success rate of automatic alignment higher. And the fuselage is made of stainless rigid material, which conforms to GMP standard. 

With the development of national pharmaceutical industry, semi-automatic capsule filling machine can not meet the needs of high production. Driven by the changing market demand, a fully automatic capsule filling machine has been developed in China, which fills the blank in this field. The structure of the automatic capsule filling machine consists of the empty capsule feeding device, the capsule distribution device, the powder discharging device, the metering disk mechanism, the capsule filling and sealing mechanism, the main transmission mechanism in the box and the electrical apparatus control system. 

Compared with imported products, domestic capsule filling machine has its own advantages, and its suitable varieties are different, and the advantages of domestic capsule filling machine are also obvious, such as low price, low maintenance cost and convenient after-sales service, etc. As long as the advantages of the equipment are fully utilized scientifically and reasonably, and the best performance of these equipments can be brought into full play, the equipment will be able to serve the production more excellently 

 in recent years. Chinese pharmaceutical machinery enterprises have been committed to the research and innovation of domestic capsule filling machines, and have achieved certain results. It is believed that, in the near future, our countryundefineds capsule filling machine will be able to catch up with the advanced level of foreign countries and go to the international market better.