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Dry Granulation Machine Maintenance

Aug 15, 2017

Dry granulation machine Maintenance:

1.1 often check the leakage of the tubing joints, if there is first to identify the leakage point, and then make the necessary treatment, must not use large specifications of the board to wring, lest damage. 1.2 The equipment inside the dust to be cleaned regularly, and check all fastening where there is no loosening, movement, such as loosening or displacement, should be fixed. 1.3 Check the wear of vulnerable parts regularly, if there is damage should be repaired and replaced. All lubrication points, oil and grease in the tank should be replaced once.

2, Cleaning: 2.1 Cleaning Place: Workshop dry granulation Room, tool cleaning room (2). 2.2 Detergent: 0.03% of detergent water, drinking water and purified water. 2.3 Conditions, frequency and methods of cleaning implementation: 2.3.1 at any time with equipment cleaning special dishcloth wipe off the surface of the equipment dust, such as dirt, dip 0.03% of the detergent water, wipe the surface of the equipment, visual pollution-free, and then clean the equipment clean special dishcloth wipe clean. 2.3.2 every day should be timely removal of dust and ground dust around the equipment. 2.3.3 every day after the elimination of adsorption in the dust-catcher filter bag powder, and according to the requirements of the powder in the dust suction machine. Again according to the above content self-examination, and do well. 2.3.4 for the variety or change of specifications should be cleared equipment. Rotary Feed Hopper bolts, press the rising button, the funnel will be removed, open the granular chassis door, remove the stainless steel sieve plate and drum. Remove the dust suction tube, dust suction mouth, filter bag and other accessories. Power off, with drinking water scrubbing equipment inside and outside the surface. The use of drinking water to wash the suction pipe, dust suction mouth and other accessories. Use drinking water repeatedly pat wash filter bag. encountered more difficult to clean parts of the application of nylon brush dip washing powder water brush edge washed until clean.