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Drying Equipment Repair And Maintenance

Apr 20, 2017

Guangdong Rich Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of dry coarse equipment, according to the characteristics of dry bath equipment simple for use and maintenance of the some instructions. For the correct use and maintenance of drying equipment, according to the specific circumstances set of equipment. In wood room before, must first to test and start the drying chamber before inspection, to ensure the normal conduct of drying process, if any problem should be timely maintenance. Otherwise, in the process of drying, heating, ventilation, ventilation and other mechanical equipment will fail. Check the work mainly includes the following aspects:
 (1) the inspection of the drying chamber shell drying chamber shell system refers to the roof and floor and wall, etc., they are supporting role. Should monitor the insulation of the walls and ceiling. Such as found that the crack, leakage and anticorrosive coating fall off or asphalt falls off phenomenon, should be timely with cement sand oar screeding congestion, reoccupy anticorrosive coatings; Drying chamber door found because of the long-term use of deformation, leakage or closed lax, should be timely maintenance, in a timely manner when necessary to replace the sealing strip; The ground should be clean room. Collapse or bumpy, if any, shall be repaired in a timely manner; Track is not in conformity with the requirements, should repair is relatively.  
 (2) the power system of inspection should check whether the fan operation is smooth, if there is a screw loose, loose ring, the phenomenon such as bearing wear, should be timely repair or exchange; Check the inlet and exhaust duct, such as ram, electric actuators, whether the wire rope damage, such as manipulation is ineffective, to repair and adjust; Check motor bolts, ground wire, wire harness, etc.
 (3) check the thermal system of thermal system heater, steam injection pipe, water pipe, hydrophobic device, control valve and steam piping, etc.
 Check the heater, should be to pass into the steam heater, time takes about 10 ~ 15 min, to see whether can uniformly heated through and the presence of steam leakage phenomenon; Check the steam injection tube, the steam injection tube valve should be open, 2 ~ 3 min of steam injection experiment, see if all the nozzle can even jet; Hydrophobic the easiest problem, if the normal operation of the steam supply pressure, the operation is normal, but heating and temperature control is not normal, it could be operation caused by the hydrophobic device, to regular inspection and maintenance, eliminate its internal contamination, found that when the wear failure parts should be timely repair or exchange; Backwater pipeline jam phenomenon, if any, should be clear in time, so as to exclude condensate on time.  
 (4) test instrument system inspection, such as dry indoor dry wet bulb is used to measure the drying medium, will pay attention to the dry and wet bulb wet gauze ball should always be moist state, but it can't make the wet bulb temperature soak the package. To cope with the dry bulb and wet bulb hygrometer do regular check two thermometer scale index, index of error correction, to ensure accurate readings. In addition, the temperature sensing element and the water box water shall not be greater than 50 mm distance, temperature sensing element generally installed in, on the side of the wood pile heat element and airflow direction vertically, indoor show the length of the part must be greater than a third of the length of the heat; Moisture content tester before use to check whether the battery voltage can meet the requirements, such as the voltage is not enough, should be replaced in a timely manner.  
 In addition, also should be paid attention to in the process of wood drying: heap or loading and unloading material into and out of the room, careful not to crash room door, room wall and indoor equipment; When fan to change steering, should "stop" always 2 ~ 3 min, after all fan stopped again by reverse start; Fan after changing the direction of the wind, temperature, humidity, sampling should change accordingly, which is always in material pile into the wind side of temperature and humidity as the basis of executing drying; Drying process, in case of power failure or downtime, halfway to immediately stop heating or steam injection, and close the inlet and exhaust, prevent lumber (Degrade) such as damage to drop; For steam drying chamber, drying should be open at the end of hydrophobic by-pass valves and piping in the curved section of drainage by-pass valve, the row over despite the passage of steam and water; Drying chamber for a long time need not when, must open the inlet and exhaust all, keep indoor and ventilated breathe freely, and equipment to keep indoor air is dry, indoor wall surface condensation.
 This article is about the new purchase not too familiar with drying equipment drying equipment and simple maintenance and maintenance of customer, the hope can help you. If there is a need friends can contact to us. Guangdong Rich Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Welcome you.