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Drying Oven Daily Maintenance

Jul 17, 2017

Drying Oven Daily maintenance

Drying oven: daily maintenance and maintenance of electric oven:

1. The instrument must be responsible for the use of the equipment, and the equipment should be used to cut off the external power supply and avoid accidents.

Before using the power supply, you must pay attention to the power supply. When used, grounding wire shall be grounded according to the regulation.

3. When using the electric power, do not touch the electrical parts of the left side of the box or wipe with wet cloth or rinse with water. The power should be cut off when servicing.

4. Keep the items in the box not too crowded, so that the air naturally convection should be set aside so that the humid air can accelerate and escape from the top of the wind.

5. Do not put flammable and volatile items in the drying oven, so as not to cause explosion.

6. After each use, the power supply must be cut off, and always keep the inside and outside of the box clean. After cleaning, hang the corresponding logo. Dry boxes of two dry ways

Is electric heating methods used by electrothermal blowing blast air circulation drying experiment was carried out, and divided into two kinds of drum wind drying and vacuum drying, the air blast is through the circulation fan blowing out hot air drying, balance of temperature in the oven, vacuum drying is using vacuum pump take out the air in the cabinet, make the atmosphere in the cabinet below atmospheric pressure, can make the products in a clean condition experiment, is a kind of instruments and equipment which are frequently used, is mainly used to dry sample, the temperature needed for can also provide the experimental environment.

The drying oven is mainly used in chemical, electronic, casting, automobile, food, machinery and other industries. The dry box is generally divided into galvanized steel and stainless steel inner bile, pointer and digital, natural convection and blast circulation, regular oven and vacuum type. Vacuum drying oven leakage?

Vacuum drying oven gas leak, how to solve to demand the vacuum degree of vacuum drying oven, vacuum degree is reduced in a moment, in the new vacuum valves and vacuum tube, or this kind of situation, what reason is this?

Difficult to screen is breathable, drying oven bladder need are the external pour some water in the oven, and then the door turn off the process of pumping air into vacuum state, reverse it in the box if this place have the follicles emergence is breathable, conditional word with argon arc welding welding once ready. Another way to do that is to put nitrogen in a vacuum furnace and it's going to be able to drain the center of the bubble and if there's a bubble that's going to expand it's going to have a break; Another method is to prepare the barrels of washing water and an injection, take a shot for you feel able to washing powder injection in the middle of the water leakage, carefully inspect if had bubble point injection for funnelled proved this point.

If the door seal in the box is slightly not tight, the vacuum drying chamber is not enough to reach the fixed level. A vacuum first, see if negative pressure table can get air pressure once specification, if is three thumb pointer change rapid extraction process, can try to push the door and see the vacuum form, if can of pumping air into vacuum state, simply put the door is tighten the circle with respect to OK. Low temperature drying box is mainly used in semiconductor devices, printed circuit boards, electronic components, LCD glass substrates, optical film and lenses, quartz oscillator and other electronic components and other food stored in low temperature and humidity.

The low temperature drying oven adopts the domestic first streamline circular arc design, the shell is made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface electrostatic spraying. The temperature control system of the machine adopts microcomputer single chip microcomputer technology, controlling temperature, timing, overtemperature alarm. Reasonable air duct and circulatory system, make the temperature uniformity in the working room small. Display is a double screen high brightness digital tube display, the display value is accurate and intuitive, the performance is superior, the touch type key sets the adjustment parameters. The temperature control sensor adopts capacitive original imported parts. In fact, the mixing chamber of the low temperature drying oven also has the wind cap, the diameter is chosen according to the air quantity. The wall of the drying tower has an upright air channel, which allows cold air to go directly into the layers to regulate the temperature and humidity. Most of the water in the sprouted rice evaporates in the first four layers, and the final electric heat is dried in the next two floors. Two centrifugal ventilator for high yield millet drying tower device. The height of the drying chamber is related to the drying effect. The drier the dryer the better. Generally, the dry room in the middle and lower layer is 2 to 3 meters high, and the upper drying chamber is at least 6 meters high to allow water vapor to overflow rapidly.