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Drying Oven Electric Blast Oven

Jun 16, 2017

Drying Oven Electric blast oven

Drying box according to the different dry matter, divided into electric blast oven and vacuum oven two categories, has now been widely used in chemical, electronic communications, plastics, cables, electroplating, metal, automotive, photoelectric, rubber products, mold , Spraying, printing, medical, aerospace and other institutions of higher learning. Large market demand, making the variety of drying oven varieties, the quality of the product structure is not the same, in order to make people more clearly understand the oven, with a pair of eye to distinguish the quality of the oven.

Oven is widely used in various industries; such as: electronic components dry, industrial and agricultural, medical and health, plastic machinery, universities and research departments of the production workshop or laboratory.

1, camera drying oven

2, plating special blast oven

3, vacuum oven

4, electric blast oven

5, blast oven

6, precision drying oven

7, electric constant temperature drying oven

8, constant temperature drying oven

9, electric constant temperature blast oven

10, electronic drying box

Applicable to LED light-emitting diodes, digital control, dot matrix and other backlight, silver plastic curing, drying. LED special oven with flexible adjustable shelves, the box has six K-type distribution on both sides of the middle and lower temperature for the detection.

There are long baking type, short baking type and energy saving double layer, multi-layer.

Optional paper recording, print records or paperless recorder (see right), the entire process of monitoring the implementation process.

LED vacuum oven with flexible adjustable shelf, layered height adjustable. Striped shelf, easy to take the product. Use glass observation window for easy observation. Sealed with silicone rubber temperature and durable, high vacuum.

Applicable to the printing plate, flexible circuit boards, computer phone cable, such as aging, dry. Printed version of the oven dry box with flexible adjustable shelter, adjustable height adjustable layer. Striped shelf, easy to take the product. The use of horizontal air temperature difference is small, double digital temperature control table solid state relay SSR contactless temperature control without temperature rush.

Optional program temperature control instrument temperature control PID self-tuning, solid state relay SSR contactless temperature control to meet the requirements of any curing curve.

Optional paper records, print records or paperless recorder, the entire process of monitoring the implementation process.

Optional fieldbus features AIFCS computer monitoring system. The instrument is equivalent to the various control units in the fieldbus system.