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Drying Oven Quality Discrimination

Jul 03, 2017

Drying Oven Quality Discrimination

Quality Discrimination Editor

Drying box according to the different dry matter, divided into two categories of electric blast oven and vacuum oven, has been widely used in chemical, electronic communications, plastics, cables, electroplating, metal, automotive, photoelectric, rubber products, mold , Spraying, printing, medical, aerospace and other institutions of higher learning. Large market demand, making the variety of drying oven varieties, the quality of the product structure is not the same, in order to make people more clearly understand the oven, with a pair of eye to identify the quality of the oven.

First of all, from the structural analysis, the general drying box shell are made of cold-rolled steel plate, but from the thickness will be very different. As the vacuum inside the vacuum box inside the environment, in order to prevent the atmospheric pressure crushing the box, the shell thickness to be larger than the blast oven, generally choose the thicker the better the quality of steel, the longer life. In order to facilitate observation, in the oven box doors are equipped with glass windows, generally have tempered glass and mosaic doors on the ordinary glass, Wuhan is still measuring the production of all kinds of drying oven door glass, although the price is slightly expensive, but the appearance of beautiful, For the safety of the operator is a strong guarantee. From outside and inside, the interior of the oven has two options, one galvanized sheet, the second is the mirror stainless steel. Galvanized sheet in the long-term use of the process is easy to rust, is not conducive to maintenance; mirror stainless steel appearance clean, easy maintenance, long life, is a high-grade steel material on the market, but the price is slightly higher than the galvanized sheet. The sample rack of the liner has two layers, which can be added according to the customer's request. As the quality of the sample rack is made of stainless steel, and the increase in the shelf is not conducive to the internal hot air circulation, increase the quality of the fan requirements, so the cost of each plus a shelf between three hundred dollars.

Speaking of temperature, had to talk about insulation and sealing. At present, the domestic drying box insulation material is mainly based on fiber cotton, a small number of polyurethane, the following talk about the different characteristics of the two materials. From the insulation effect, the polyurethane temperature and insulation effect is better than fiber cotton, the general polyurethane can make the box within the high temperature in a few hours to maintain stability, it is worth mentioning that the high efficiency of polyurethane insulation performance, can effectively To prevent the box outside the temperature is too high burn operator. Fiber cotton material in the oven at high temperatures, can only rely on the temperature controller non-stop control and regulation, to maintain the stability of the temperature inside the box, which greatly increased the work of the fan and the controller strength, thereby reducing the service life of the oven The And from the latter part of the maintenance is concerned, because the polyurethane is the entire injection into the box, the late maintenance is particularly cumbersome, maintenance before the need to pull out all the polyurethane, repair and then into the injection. The fiber cotton will not be so troublesome, simple operation. Finally, from the market, the price of fiber cotton is very cheap, and can meet most of the insulation requirements, the use of extensive, Wuhan is still recommended: fiber cotton finer, the greater the thickness, the higher the quality of insulation. Dryer sealed are generally used anti-aging silicone rubber, sealing effect is very good.

In the cycle of heating performance, the choice of fan is essential, mainly domestic and imported two kinds of fans. Low noise high-performance fan, in the course of the use of domestic fans do not produce the kind of noise, and the loop effect is good, heating up fast. Of course, the specific can also be based on customer needs to choose.

Accessories of the choice: the general oven if not the customer requirements, there will be no time controller, that is, the drying time can only be manually controlled, if you want to add, you can choose a time controller, about.