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Drying Oven Vacuum Debugging

Oct 30, 2017

Drying Oven Vacuum debugging

1. Vacuum debugging:

1) will shut the door and the door shake handshandle tighten in place, close the bleed valve (make the rubber plug hole with the hole on the purge valve skewed 90 °), open the vacuum valve (counterclockwise from 90 °), the first time use may vacuum valve switch is tight, can rotate.

2) with random parts vacuum connecting pipe (inside diameter: Φ 16 mm wall thickness: 10 mm) will exhaust tube vacuum drying oven (16 mm outside diameter: Φ) and vacuum pump (2 xz - type 2, Φ inlet diameter 16 mm) connection solid type (6090 and 6210 has good connection). Turn on the vacuum pump power, began to smoke gas, when the vacuum gauge indicating value reaches 0.1 Mpa, close vacuum pump power after shut off valves, in order to prevent the vacuum pump oil back to the studio, (6090 and 6210 without vacuum valve, can be directly closed panel vacuum pump power) at this point in the vacuum state in the box.

Two. Real empty box debugging:

After the vacuum debugging is completed, the following operation can be done:

1. Open the power supply chamber, and the power light should be bright type (6090 and 6210 should be respectively on the temperature control switch) temperature control power-on self-test, PV panel display the measured temperature in the working chamber SV display factory set temperature. The light on the AT and HEAT on the thermostat should be on, indicating that the meter enters the working state of heating.

2. Modify the setting temperature

(1). Click the function key of the thermostat (SET); After the PV screen displays SP characters, the change of setting temperature can be made by the keyhead button (6090 and 6210 are respectively modified for 2 and 3 instruments respectively).

(2). After the modification is completed, press the SET key again. The PV screen displays the ST character and sets the timing time.

If you do not use the timer function, you still have ST=0

(3). Click the SET key to display the temperature of the studio, and the SV screen shows the new setting temperature. The instrument AT and the HEAT lamp are on, and the meter is re-entering the work state of heating.

3. When work indoor temperature close to the set temperature, the HEAT lamp light and dark, said heating stage of PID regulation, instrument measuring temperature more than set temperature, sometimes sometimes is lower than the set temperature is a normal phenomenon. When the temperature is near or equal to set the temperature, then the studio will enter a constant temperature after 1~ 2h, and the items will enter the drying stage. Four. The temperature is lower, can use the second set, such as the required working temperature 70 ℃, for the first time to set the first 60 ℃, isothermal after a blunt retreated to the second set of 70 ℃, it can reduce or even eliminate temperature overshoot phenomenon, entered into a state of constant temperature as soon as possible.

5. When the item is dry, turn off the power. If the cooling is accelerated, the valve will be opened and the vacuum will be 0, and then open the door in about 5 minutes.

Vi. Environmental requirements:

1) temperature: 5 ~ 40 ℃

2) relative humidity: less than 85%RH