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Electronic Cigarette Cartoning Machine

Jan 21, 2021

The electronic cigarette automatic cartoning machine can automatically realize the overall working process of feeding, opening, entering, batching, sealing, and rejecting waste. The servo device is used to make the machine's speed up and down more stable, and the machine installation materials are not in place. Packaging, products of other specifications do not need to be vigorously changed and only need to be adjusted, and various specifications can be quickly converted. The electronic cigarette automatic cartoning machine adopts a PLC control system to monitor the operation process of the machine. When the machine fails, it can automatically display the fault location and cause, helping the operator to quickly solve the fault problem, and can still provide maintenance measures in daily life to make the machine replacement longer time.


The e-cigarettes are fixed one by one on the slotted conveyor belt. After passing through the packing box library, the suction cup quickly sucks the next packing box and places it in the other row corresponding to the electronic cigarette. The baffle opens when the packing box is on the belt. The box lifts its tongue and pushes the hand to push the electronic cigarette into the box. The robot hand merges the small tongues and then puts down the big tongues, the box inserting hand starts, folds the big tongues into the box, and the boxing is completed. This equipment can also add instructions or use glue-spraying sealing box, which can be harmoniously combined with other upstream and downstream equipment.


Features of electronic cigarette automatic cartoning machine:

1. The body is made of high-quality steel and 304 stainless steel, sturdy and durable, with a high-end appearance.

2. PLC automatic control system, frequency conversion speed regulation, and electrical components adopt well-known brands.

3. Automatically detect the missing installation of the drug version and the manual, and eliminate the waiting functions.

4. The machine can change the packaging specifications, adjust and adjust and reset according to the different use requirements of users, which is suitable for the production of large quantities of single varieties, and at the same time can meet the production of small batches and multiple varieties of users.

5. This machine can be used alone or in conjunction with other equipment to form a complete production line.