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Electronic Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine should pay attention to the use process

Oct 30, 2019

Electronic Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine should pay attention to the use process


The electronic counting machine is the most advanced solid particle counting and dispensing equipment.ost pharmaceutical companies still use traditional manual methods or mechanical template counting equipment. With the rapid development of the economy, electronic counting machines are also beginning to continue. Used for it.


      However, the electronic counting machine will have several problems in the use stage:


    1. Equipment use environment, like other equipment, electronic counting machine also requires the use of the environment to meet certain requirements, such as stable voltage, reliable grounding, etc.;


    2. The relationship between equipment and personnel, electronic counting machine is a high-tech professional equipment, maintenance personnel and users must have certain technical quality, and at the same time relatively fixed, should not be replaced frequently. It is necessary to establish a sound maintenance system and implement it carefully.


    3. The relationship between equipment and packaging materials. Some pharmaceutical companies often use manual packaging before using the electronic counting machine. When using the equipment packaging, the packaging materials should be re-evaluated and adjusted accordingly. The requirements for packaging materials (bottles) are higher in equipment packaging than in manual packaging. Otherwise it will definitely affect the normal operation of the device.


    4. The supplier's support ability and response speed may cause various problems in the use of the equipment, requiring sufficient support capability and fast response speed of the supplier, otherwise it will inevitably have a serious impact on production.


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