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Equipment Needed In The Production Hall Of A Pharmaceutical Factory

Mar 17, 2020

Equipment needed in the production hall of a pharmaceutical factory

From herbal medicine to tablets, from the rough single from the production process, 1. cutting medicine 2. extraction 3. concentration 4. receiving cream 5 drying 6 tableting 7 whole tablets (bottled) or aluminum plastic packaging 8 stickers 9 Packaging these is just for production, not including QA, QC requirements.

1. The medicine has to be stored in a warehouse and needs a medicine cutter.

2, 3, 4. Extraction equipment is indispensable, extraction tanks, concentration tanks, as well as heating (steam, electricity), refrigeration equipment.

5. The oven also needs a clean room with a central air conditioner, constant temperature and humidity, and filtration.

6. Tablet press

7. Bottle counting uses electronic counting machine. Bottle washing requires bottle washing machine. If it is made into a plate shape, you can use aluminum plastic blister packaging machine, aluminum aluminum blister packaging machine. A cartoner is needed if several editions are packaged together.

8. There is a label on the outside of the bottle, which needs an automatic labeling machine.

In fact, when the medicine enters the factory, it is necessary to perform a test, that is, a QC inspection. At each step, every incoming material must be inspected, including packaging materials, production auxiliary materials, production materials, and records.

The infrastructure requires a lot of equipment. If there is a thermal power plant, steam can be connected. After heating, chilled water is used for cooling. Some heat exchange equipment, cooling towers, vacuum pumps. The compressed air produced by the air compressor is basically used, and some of the large transformer equipment.