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Factors Affecting The Hardness Of Chinese Herbal Tablets And Their Solutions

Mar 09, 2018

Factors affecting the hardness of Chinese herbal tablets and their solutions



A. The hardness of Chinese herbal tablets and the related factors of chemical composition in traditional Chinese Medicine

As we all know, the components of traditional Chinese medicine are significantly different from those of Western medicine. The ingredients in Chinese medicine are very complex, and there are still many ineffective ingredients, such as resin, cellulose and other substances. This makes it difficult for people to deal with traditional Chinese medicine in the process of tablet treatment. Therefore, we should guarantee the nature of Chinese medicine tablets to analyze the chemical components contained in Chinese medicine. However, in the majority of our Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises in the process to deal with the Chinese medicine tablets, are not strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements on the drug properties for specific analysis, instead of using the traditional Chinese medicine powder adhesive tablets treatment, which makes the tablet hardness in the existence of certain problems, including the prominent situation mainly in the following two aspects:


(1)On the one hand is because the traditional Chinese medicine contain a lot of cellulose, which makes the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine itself is elastic, which makes the traditional Chinese medicine in the process of flaking in the powder has certain elasticity, it will bring great difficulties to the work of traditional Chinese medicine tablet tablet, which can not meet the relevant technical requirements. And the emergence of the phenomenon of loose. Therefore, if we want to use it to process the tablet, we should analyze the components of the medicine and add some volatile components into the powder, so that the properties of Chinese medicine will be changed.

(2)The other is in the process of pressing powder processing, in order to make the compression effect further guarantee, people will have the content of fine powder of medicinal extract all become extract, which contains many substances in the extract of resin, carbohydrate and protein etc., and these materials have high viscosity, which enables people to the Chinese herbal medicine tablet in the process, prone to sticking phenomenon.

Thus, in the current process of traditional Chinese medicine tablet preparation, seriously affects the hardness of chemical constituents of traditional Chinese medicine containing of Chinese medicine tablets, so people in the tablet of Chinese medicine tablets, the related personnel must carry on the concrete analysis contained in traditional Chinese medicine composition, which is adopted to deal with it. The related technical means, so that the traditional Chinese medicine, the effect of the hardness of content conforms to the requirements of medication.






B. The influence factors of the hardness of Chinese herbal tablets

At present, with the deepening research of TCM chemistry, pharmacology, preparations and clinical aspects, the number of Chinese herbal tablets is increasing, and the quality of tablets is improving gradually. In the actual production of the preparation, the hardness of the tablets is not ideal, and the solution to the hardness of the tablets is also the most troublesome problem. Some of the problems affecting the hardness of the tablets are described as follows.

(1) factors of powder powder

The traditional Chinese medicine powder is too large, the space between the particles is large when the tablet is pressed, which reduces the cohesive force of the particles, is not easy to form, and reduces the hardness of the traditional Chinese medicine tablets. Therefore, the fineness of the powder of traditional Chinese medicine for the production of Chinese herbal tablets must be above 100 orders.

(2) factors of oil content

A large number of products containing volatile oil, fat, wax and other Chinese herbal medicine tablets, tablets will easily cause not easy molding, loose sheet, hardness difference, because this kind of component can reduce the cohesive force between the particles, the production should remove volatile oil or paraffin degreasing method, the particles in the oil content decreased. Increase the cohesion, improve the hardness of the tablet.

(3) fiber elasticity factor

Chinese herbal medicines containing fiber, such as animal crustaceans, mineral medicine, this kind of medicine elastic and plastic degeneration, viscosity is small, it is difficult to molding, reduce the hardness of the tablet, so in the actual production, the first use of some methods, such as the use of appropriate solvents, or by alkali treatment (Crustacea) this kind of medicine, effective components in made concentrated liquid or other forms, and then press the tablet production process, can greatly improve the compressibility of the particles, reduce particle elastic, enhance the hardness of the tablets.

(4) the factors of coarse and fine grain size

The thickness of soft material particles also affect the hardness of the tablet, tablet thickness is determined by weight and the diameter of the tablets tablets, generally speaking, relatively large available relatively large particles to squash, conversely, can only use small particles to press, in the production of herbal pieces if the particles are too thick will reduce the cohesion of particles the film caused by loose, reduce the hardness of tablets, if Chinese medicine particles too small, it will cause poor liquidity, as well as filling particles in the die hole caused by insufficient amount of loose sheets, thereby reducing the rigidity of the finished product.

(5) particle hardness factors

Traditional Chinese medicine particles directly affect the hardness of tablet hardness, the hardness of the particles is the premise to ensure the hardness of the tablets, loose particles were not easy to be pressed into tablets, the hardness is even worse, in the actual production, in order to ensure proper hardness of the particles, the compressible medicinal materials containing a certain amount of fiber, it is necessary to choose a viscous adhesive strong dextrin, sucrose. It can greatly improve the hardness of the particles and enhance the hardness of the tablets, but it is necessary to have a certain experience base and strictly control the amount of the adhesive. To avoid too hard particles caused by tablet pits, spots and prolong the time of disintegration phenomena or unqualified etc..

(6) the factors of grain moisture

The moisture content of traditional Chinese medicine granules is another important factor that affects the hardness of tablets. The water content in granules plays a very important role in molding and ensuring the quality of tablets. Chinese medicine granule elasticity is relatively completely dry, little plasticity, not compression, appropriate moisture can enhance the plasticity of particles and viscosity, decreased elasticity, thereby increasing the hardness of the tablet, too high moisture content in the particles will cause sticking, loose tablets, the tablet hardness decreased, moisture content of particles because of the variety different control in different range, generally between 2%~7% control.

(7) lubricant factors

The type and quantity of lubricant also affects the hardness of the tablets, in the actual production, according to the actual situation by using a variety of lubricants or lubricant combination, in order to change the flow of particles, and not caused by insufficient filling tablet hardness, also can improve the appearance of tablet.

(8) mechanical factors

Mechanical manufacturing factors but also causes the hardness of the tablet can not be ignored, there are three aspects: the press speed is too fast, the tablet compression time is relatively short, caused by loose plate hardness decreased, at this point, you should slow down the speed of machinery, prolong the tablet compression time, increase the hardness. 2. The pressure of the press is not enough to cause the hardness of the loose plate to decrease, and the mechanical pressure of the press can be increased. (3) the length of the punch is not homogeneous (when it happens in mixed punching), the pressure of the tablet is different, the small pressure of the tablet drops, and at this time, the machine is stopped to replace the punch.