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Factors To Be Considered In Tablets And Capsules Electronic Counting Filling Machine

Apr 29, 2020

Factors to be considered in tablets and capsules electronic counting filling machine24通道(三级)2

1. Above all, the applicability of the electronic counting and bottling machine: there are many types of medicine granules, and tablets that can be fully compatible (including various shaped tablets) and capsules (including transparent and opaque soft and hard capsules should be purchased as much as possible ), Pills (soft and hard) counting machine, at the same time can be flexibly adjusted to adapt to different specifications of packaging medicine bottles, so a production line can be adapted to different medicine granules, in order to reduce the number of purchased equipment, save costs and plant space.

2. The necessary conditions for the automatic electronic counting machine are accurate and reliable: In general, there are four links that affect the accuracy of the counting machine's bottling. One is the photoelectric sensor, the second is the sub-warehouse mechanism, the third is the feed opening, and the fourth is the conveyor belt mechanism. The equipment should adopt high dust-resistance sensing technology to ensure continuous and reliable counting even under the condition of long-term high-speed operation. Secondly, the design and manufacture of each agency itself must be scientific, reasonable and reliable. At the same time, the working status of each agency must be comprehensively monitored in real time. Once an abnormality is found, it should be reported to the police in time and the corresponding action should be performed.

3. Ease of operation of the capsule counting machine: This requires the counting machine to be fully adapted to the current status of pharmaceutical plant operators and maintenance personnel, and to be easy to adjust, operate and clean. For example, the operation panel of the electronic counting machine is preferably a liquid crystal touch display, which can realize all advanced functions such as digital adjustment of working parameters, multi-group parameter storage, system self-check, working status indication, and fault alarm.

4. The safety of the tablet counting machine: including two aspects of operation safety in the packaging process and the protection of the quality of medicines; in addition to the selection of corresponding safety materials, the protection of the quality of medicines must be ensured during the counting process No damage shall be caused to the medicines, and the equipment shall be provided with a reasonable organization, delivery mechanism and sub-location mechanism.

5. Choose a supplier with independent technology: Electronic counting equipment is highly specialized and has a very high technical content. You should choose a professional supplier with independent technology. They have a perfect quality assurance system and can provide users with complete and reliable pre-sales, sales and after-sales services.