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Five Factors For Purchasing The Automatic Electronic Counting Machine

Jun 19, 2017

1, The applicability of automatic electronic counting: various grain types, should buy as much as possible to fully compatible tablets (including special-shaped tablets), capsule (including transparent, opaque, soft capsules and pills) (soft and hard) of the counting machine, at the same time can be adjusted flexibly adapt to the packaging bottles of different specifications, such a production line can be suitable for different grain, in order to reduce the number of equipment procurement, cost saving and building space.

2. Necessary conditions, automatic electronic counting accuracy reliability: general, counting the final effect of filling accuracy has four aspects. One is the photoelectric sensor, two is a sub warehouse mechanism, three is a blanking port, and the four is a bottle taking mechanism. The equipment should be made of high dust resistance sensing technology, which ensures continuous and reliable counting even in long time and high speed operation. Secondly, the design and manufacture of the institutions themselves should be scientific, reasonable and reliable. At the same time, the working status of the institutions must be monitored in a comprehensive and real-time manner. Once abnormal is found, the police should be called in time and the corresponding actions should be carried out.

3, Easy operation: it requires the number of grains fully adapt to the current situation of pharmaceutical machine operators and maintenance personnel, to easy adjustment, easy operation, easy to clean. For example, the operation panel of electronic counting machine is the best use of the LCD touch screen, it can realize the working parameters of digital modulation, multi parameter storage, system self-test, status indication and fault alarm etc. all the advanced features.

4, Safety, automatic electronic counting machine includes two aspects: the safety in the process of packaging on the operation and protection of drug quality; the protection of drug quality in addition to the safety of the corresponding materials, to ensure that in the counting process of drugs may not cause damage, the equipment must have reasonable requirements the principle, mechanism and institutional delivery points.

5, The suppliers have independent technology : electronic number of equipment is very professional, very high technology content of equipment, should choose to have independent technical professional suppliers. They have a perfect quality guarantee system, and can provide users with perfect, reliable pre-sale, sale, and after-sales service.