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Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Maintenance

Nov 23, 2017

Fully automatic capsule filling machine maintenance 

Starting up: the operation will load the capsule hopper and material hopper into enough qualified capsules and the materials to be prepared according to the production process. Turn the power switch to "I" position. The total power supply indicator is on. Turn on the vacuum pump. Press the vacuum pump key. The vacuum pump indicates the light is on and the pump begins to work. The pressure of the vacuum gauge shall be at -0.06 MPa. Press feed mode key to add material selection key, manual mode indicator light. Press the manual feed key, feed motor work, when the material level reaches the predetermined height, the feeding motor will stop automatically. Click the touch/run key to switch the state to the point action mode. Indicator, press the start key, with the main motor to run machines, at this point, observe the machine and the finished product (not frequency VVVF inverter control keyboard display to zero machine, otherwise the machine doesn't work). After all normal, loosen the key, machine stop turn. (vacuum pump, feed motor, main motor, three can start alone) 

11 11.1 press/run at startup, the switch to "run", "light at the same time, the automatic operation of the machine. 

11.2 check the appearance of the capsule and weigh the capsules, whether it meets the technological requirements. 

11.3 keep an eye on the operation of the machine and find that the problem should be adjusted in time. 

11.4 according to the need to adjust the speed of the machine, the frequency of the key on the keyboard can be raised by the frequency converter, the motor speed will rise, and the output will increase. Press ∨, can reduce the frequency, output decreases. 

12 stop 

12.1 press the stop button first, the host stops working, then press the vacuum pump key, the vacuum pump stops working. Close the water gate and close the total power supply. 

12.3 finally according to the " automatic capsule filling machine cleaning procedures" to clean. Note: the machine is not allowed to contact the running parts with hands or objects during operation. Maintenance and maintenance personnel must be familiar with the contents of this procedure and should be carried out in accordance with this procedure when making major repairs. 

14.1 maintenance categories and intervals Maintenance categories General maintenance overhaul maintenance intervals for a year or at any time when need 15 general maintenance maintenance content

 15.1 check if there's any loose for the linkage parts, tighten the fasteners, if there is excessive or gasket should be updated. Check the condition of the capsule after filling. If the capsule cannot be closed, adjust the position of the top of the pressure, and do not make the gap of the laminated plate too large. Check whether the terminals of electrical appliances are firm and reliable. 

16.1 overhaul the measuring disk, copper plate, module, push rod, CAM roller, chain, gearbox, and find that the problem should be repaired or replaced in time. 

16.2 pre-overhaul check preparation to cut off the power of the machine and suspension of the "no start" warning signs. Remove any equipment or debris around the machine. Be familiar with maintenance procedures, machine instructions and maintenance. 

16.3 check the powder and capsule in the hopper completely. Clean the dirt inside the machine. Visually inspect all parts of the machine for abnormal conditions. 16.4 removal and removal of machines shall follow a top-down approach.