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Future Development Trend Of Aluminum Plastic Packaging Machine

Jan 24, 2019

Future Development Trend of Aluminum Plastic Packaging Machine

With the aging of the population in China, the demand for medical products continues to expand. Aluminum-plastic packaging machine has stable performance, perfect functions and broad market prospects. It is suitable for capsules, plain tablets, sugar coatings, capsules, injections, special shapes and sealed packaging of medical appliances, light food and electronic components. In the pharmaceutical industry, packaging machinery is one of the indispensable equipment. According to the different packaging requirements, the packaging machinery needed is also different. Among them, packaging aluminium-plastic blister packaging machine has been used in small pharmaceutical factories, health products factories, hospitals and other fields, mainly used in packaging capsules, tablets, capsules, suppositories and other solid state drugs. At present, it mainly presents the following characteristics.

Functional diversification. Aluminum-plastic packaging machine equipment market has been saturated, users tend to refine and diversified products. Industry said that under the current situation, diversified, flexible and with a variety of switching functions of aluminum-plastic packaging machine can better adapt to market demand.

The design is humanized. In addition to the need for standardization and modularization of the structure of the equipment to meet the need to change new models in a short time, the user-friendly design of the equipment is also increasingly concerned.

Intelligent control. At present, aluminium-plastic packaging machine manufacturers have used automation, digitization and information technology, with powerful functions of computer (including software) control, supervision and recording.

High precision structure. Structural design and structural motion control are related to the performance of packaging machinery. They can be accomplished by high-precision controllers such as motors, encoders, digital control (NC), power load control (PLC), etc., and properly extend products to develop packaging equipment for high-tech industries.

In summary, in the future, aluminum-plastic packaging machinery enterprises should grasp the development trend of intellectualization, combine with the user's humanization and precision work needs, and create better products. In addition, in order to gain a place in the future packaging market, efficient customer service and equipment maintenance is also one of the important competitive conditions.

The multi-function aluminium-plastic packaging machine uses frequency conversion speed regulating device, which can adjust the speed at will within the prescribed range. Safety device, when the working pressure is abnormal or the heating pipe is malfunctioning, will alarm.

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