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Household Small Crusher Common Failure Resolution And Maintenance

Jun 22, 2017

Guangdong ruiqi packaging machinery co., LTD production of crusher has a lot of kinds, I give you a brief introduction about domestic crusher knowledge as well as the processing method of common failures, hope I can help you understand and choose this novel household machinery.

Small crusher for ultra-high speed dc motor is adopted in the practical application of calorific value is higher, therefore, the main heating part in carbon brush and commutator and tank, in the power of the motor carbon brush in the commutator surface contact, the outside of the motor power (usually dc excitation current), through the slip ring work (on the rotor, the rotor), provide to the rotor winding (field winding). The effect of current commutation, so it can make the rotor rotates, the inflow of direct current flow from one end of the rotor, so that the motor rotation in one direction. The carbon brush is in good contact with the rotor of the motor, and the carbon brush is connected to the power supply to provide electricity to the rotor. Because the carbon brush and commutator frictional contact for a long time, so wear, when the need to change the length of the carbon brush is reached, the carbon brush the back of the supporting spring will no longer play a role, which would cause carbon brush and commutator poor contact, crusher electricity does not start, new carbon brushes should be replaced when these problems, using alcohol to clean the rotor head can be solved.


Small mill push button switch in the actual application will be caused by frequent stops up the internal power switch contact ablation, as one of the internal power switch contact occurs after the phenomenon of poor contact, press the button on the switch box again after the mill won't start, can only replace the switch box to solve these problems.


Small mill there are two kinds of power line connection, one kind is on the mill power supply box has a 3 feet power socket, we had just put the crusher accessories in the special power supply cord into the socket; Another way to connect the power cord is to introduce the power cord directly into the power box, so you don't have to worry about the loose ends of the power cord.