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How Do I Choose A Mixer

Jun 19, 2017

First, for the finer granularity of materials, pay special attention to the sealing of production equipment, and its residual amount should be carefully considered.

Second, multi-directional consideration of other special physical property of the choice of equipment. If the fluidity is poor or the liquid adds more material, according to the concrete situation reasonably chooses the shearing mixing action stronger plough knife, the knife, the crushing roller and so on; wear-resistant bodies should be used for wear-resisting treatment or design can be adjusted and replaced; the equipment which needs to be cleaned frequently because of material bonding should be equipped with self-cleaning device and convenient and quick cleaning door; The material which is not allowed to be damaged in the shape or particle state is suitable for the container rotary mixer.

Third, for the need to heat or accompany the chemical reaction of the mixture of materials, in addition to the selection of appropriate production materials and temperature control structure, but also pay attention to the temperature change on the equipment mechanism itself.