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How The Counting Machine Works

Dec 25, 2019

How the counting machine works

The electronic counting machine has a wide range of applications. Without changing the structure of the machine, tablets, pills, capsules, soft capsules, transparent capsules, shaped tablets and other products can be counted and canned. Switching between different specifications is simple and easy to adjust. 

Counting tablets, electronic counting counters adopt independent optical detection system, which can greatly reduce the shadow caused by dust, thereby ensuring high-level counting accuracy and speed;

Capsule counting machine working principle

The core working principle of the electronic counting bottle filling machine: This machine adopts the photoelectric effect principle. When the medicine particles fall, the signal generated by the photoelectric sensor is used. The operation process is: put the bottle (can be connected to the assembly line) > bottle conveying (the equipment automatically realizes) > Bottle positioning> Several pieces of filling> Intermittent bottle changing and repeat the above actions.

Tablet counting machine safety matters:

1. The equipment confirms that the installation is smooth.

2. The power supply must be reliably grounded. The main power shall be cut off when replacing, plugging in and unplugging the power plug.

3. When maintaining the equipment, clearing the field and cleaning the equipment, the power must be cut off. When cleaning parts such as medicine hoppers and vibration plates, do not spill cleaning liquid on electrical components.

4. When maintaining, clearing the field, or repairing the equipment, pull out all the connectors. It is strictly forbidden to pull the wires. You should grab the connector to pull it out slowly to avoid breaking.

5. Pay attention to the voltage at the incoming line of the electrical installation board in the chassis.