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How To Choose The Packing Machine

Jul 14, 2017

How to choose the packing machine

1. First of all to determine the packaging will be purchased by the confidential products. Some packaging machinery manufacturers a variety of products, in the purchase of packaging machines, equipment users often hope that a device can pack all of their own varieties. In fact, the special machine is often better than the compatibility of the packaging. A packaging machine packaging the best variety of more than 3-5 varieties. Also, the size gap between the larger products as far as possible separate machine packaging. No need to change molds, etc. to improve production efficiency.

2. Cost-effective is the first principle. Select the packaging equipment suitable for your actual production. At present, the domestic production of packaging machine quality than before has been greatly improved, so the price of domestic machine can be purchased completely to the quality of imported machines.

3, as far as possible to choose brand packaging machine Enterprises, quality is guaranteed. Choose technology mature, stable quality model, make the packaging faster and more stable, low energy, lower hand, low scrap rate. Packaging machine is the cost of machine, if the purchase of low-quality machines, in the future of the day-to-day production of waste packaging film, the decision is not a small number, especially now the increase in packaging materials.

4, if there is a field visit, to pay attention to the big aspects, but also to pay attention to small details, often details determine the quality of the machine. As far as possible with samples or send samples to manufacturers to see the effect of packaging.

5, in the after-sales service, the circle should have a good reputation. After-sales service in time, in the use of equipment encountered problems, manufacturers can actively assist in solving problems.

6, as far as possible to purchase operation maintenance simple, accessories complete, automatic continuous feeding mechanism, which can improve packaging efficiency and reduce labor costs, suitable for the long-term development of enterprises.

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