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How To Deal With The Malfunction Of Blister Plate Cartoning Machine

Apr 16, 2019

How to deal with the malfunction of blister plate cartoning machine?

Wrinkle and offset of aluminium foil

A. Possible phenomena: 1. Rust and dirt on the mesh; 2. Aluminum foil turning rod is not perpendicular to the vertical line of PVC plastic sheet; 3. Aluminum foil and PVC plastic are not uniformly bonded (not parallel); 4. The mesh plate is not well matched with the mold, and the aluminum foil adhesive layer is not uniform.

B. Corresponding solutions: 1. Cleaning with steel wire side or sharpening with saw blade; 2. Adjusting the support of turning roll of cushion and correcting die does not conform; 3. Tearing off aluminium foil, adjusting position and re-bonding; 4. Replacing aluminium foil with two-layer aluminium foil folding reticulation die or oil stone according to heat seal condition, partially polishing the lower die plane.




The problem of heat seal.

A. Possible phenomena: 1. Insufficient pressure or preferred position of hot-seal upper cylinder; 2. Insufficient temperature or pressure or preferred position of hot-seal upper cylinder; 3. Incorrect distance between punching die and hot-seal die


B. Corresponding solutions: 1. Regulating and adjusting cylinder pressure (pressure regulating valve) while checking whether the silicon rubber plate is talented, replaceable and desirable, between the copper cushion cylinder and the heat seal (copper thickness book is decided as appropriate) (Note: when adjusting, stop the upper dead point); 2. Regulating the temperature of the thermostat, as far as possible, by adjusting the pressure to control, so that the temperature remains constant at about 140 oC (as appropriate); 3. Adjusting the temperature of the thermostat; Movable die, box and injection have been adjusted, and factors such as transportation vibration and long-term use of displacement deformation or template change have been taken into account.


Non-synchronous operation (refers to the failure of the forming blister to enter the hole position of the hot sealing die accurately)

A. Possible phenomena: 1. Forming and hot sealing die is not good when it is cold; 2. The temperature of hot sealing die is too high when the plastic bearing shaft is not rotating properly; 3. Forming die and hot sealing are not integral times of the travel distance; 4. There are obstacles between forming die and hot sealing die; 5. The parallel of the lead seat is too large or too small when the pressure is running;


B. Corresponding solutions: 1. Moderately increase the amount of cold water; 2. Clean or replace bearings; 3. Adjust the temperature of heat seal; 3. Adjust the movement of the die and the box to be adjusted before changing the die, usually without being high to avoid disturbance; 4. Check whether there are obstacles in the operation from feeding to heat seal, pay attention to the gap between the feeding machine and the plate surface; 5. Adjust the lead shaft and add machine on the lead shaft. Machine oil;


Poor foaming

A. Possible phenomena: 1. The quality of PVC plastics is not good. 2. The temperature in the heating zone is too low or too high; 3. The cooling water flow is too large to take away too much heat; 4. The air flow in the place is too large; 5. Pay attention to the water storage of the air filter valve; 6. Blockage of the exhaust holes in the lower die; 7. Leakage between the upper and lower die planes; 8. The air pressure should not be too early or too late;

B. Corresponding solutions: 1. Replacement of plastics; 2. Proper adjustment of control temperature according to temperature controller (as far as possible voltage control); 3. Control of water flow by water valve; 4. Reduce ventilation flow rate; 5. Normal check of air filter valve must be cleared; 6. Use steel needle for dredging; 7. Re-mold, need surface grinding; 8. Correct the position of machine exhaust valve and maintain air pressure generally: 0.6-0.8M PA