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How To Improve The Accuracy Of The Electronic Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine?

Oct 30, 2019

How to improve the accuracy of the Electronic Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine?

The manufacturers of the counting machine measure the quality of the counting machine with precision, and continue to strive for excellence in the manufacture of the counting machine.Some manufacturers said that in fact, the accuracy of the counting machine is also a few The "stability" achieved by machine manufacturers in long-term production practice.


First, keep the equipment horizontally to avoid high and low unevenness. Only when the equipment is in a horizontal condition can the operation be more stable and the number of particles will be more accurate.


Second, it can be warmed up for a few minutes by appropriate start-up, so that the number of machines is in a stable and normal working state, and the operator should pay attention to the feeding situation in time, so as to solve some unexpected situations in time.


Third, pay attention to the influence of several materials, dust and so on. For example, capsules, tablets, and pills can be set to a suitable oscillation frequency. In terms of environment, if the equipment is continuously counted for a long time, there will be dust and particles accumulation, so the user should clean the fully automatic electronic counting machine.


Fourth, for some larger materials, it is possible to consider adding a first-order memory baffle, which can improve the efficiency of the particles to some extent. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the influence of static electricity on the equipment. It is recommended in the industry to install non-polar materials and add grounding power lines and equipment connections in the shingling shield, which can effectively solve the electrostatic effect.


Fifth, the setting of the parameters. For different types of materials, the speed and transport speed of the particles can be adjusted, especially for some larger materials, which can reduce the speed of the particles appropriately, which reduces the speed of the speed to some extent, but at the same time It also improves accuracy.


In addition, users also need to pay attention to the regular maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. It is well known that the maintenance and maintenance of equipment is a very necessary step. Timely maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, timely solution to problems in the counting machine, so that the equipment is maintained in a healthy and healthy state, in order to ensure the accuracy of the equipment, while extending the service life of the equipment.