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How To Improve The Counting Accuracy Of Electronic Counting Machine

Nov 03, 2018

How to improve the counting accuracy of electronic counting machine

1. Human factors

(1) the boot should be pre heated for 3 to 10 minutes, so that the electronic raw and photoelectric scanning circuits are in stable operation condition.

(2) operators should real-time note that materials in the warehouse are expected to make up for the material in time.

2. the elements of a machine.

1. Aiming at the problem of the gravity of the material bin of the electronic counting machine. It can be considered that the bunker is divided into constant heavy warehouse and non constant heavy warehouse. This can be used to deal with the effect of material gravity on the separation of materials in vibrating plates.

_Regarding the material falling from the memory baffle to the bottle time is too long, should consider adding a first-level memory baffle can deal with the following problems. The first thing is to divide the material from the memory baffle down to the time of the bottle. The filling time of the bottle is shortened, and the top memory baffle is closed when the bottle is loaded. The counter keeps working. This completes the two movements - the loading of the first bottle and the counting of the next bottle, and improves the speed of production. Secondly, the problem of electrostatic adsorption can be dealt with.  

3. Avoid static electricity.

(2) Adding grounding power lines and equipment connections to the dropping shield to effectively release static electricity and then avoid static electricity.

(5) Adjust the position of the memory baffle and the dropping shield, so that the recall baffle can block all the materials, and the dropping shield can ensure the dropping medicine into the packaging bottle smoothly.

_when the device adjusts the machine, the vibrating plate is adjusted horizontally and backward, so that when the vibrating plate stops vibrating, the material can not slide naturally into the detection channel and cause miscount.

3. elements of materials

(1) set suitable vibration frequency for capsules, tablets and pills.

Periodic use of vacuum cleaner to remove dust from tablets and capsules.

4. medium elements

Keep the time to replace the compressed air filter to ensure the quality of the air.

5. Parameter settings The settings of gate size, vibration frequency of three-stage vibrating plate, product length and minimum parameters, predicted value, counting speed and departure speed require operators to repeat debugging to reach the optimum condition, ensuring not only counting speed but also counting accuracy.

6. Ways to improve cylinder sensitivity. Strict control of compressed air moisture content. Especially for the operation of air dryers to maintain stability. Strict control of non cylinder grease to enter the performance components. The original cylinder must be replaced when repairing and replacing the performing elements. It is better to replace the performing elements of all channels at one time when conditions permit, so as to ensure consistency in the sensitivity of the performing elements. Reasonable adjustment of machine parameters, preparation of counting and counting speed to make the product achieve the best separation effect, and then improve the production speed and counting accuracy. The setting of departure speed should be as close as possible to the counting speed. The speed of separation according to experience should be 5-10% lower than that of counting speed.