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How To Maintain Dry Granulator

Apr 27, 2017

How to maintain dry granulator:

Guangdong Richi Packaging Pachinery Co., Ltd., the production of dry granulator machine mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries of dry material extrusion and developed into particles of equipment, such as infusion of granule, capsule filling particles, particles, seasoning particles, detergent, etc.Granulating machine can do many things for us, at the same time the maintenance of dry granulator is very important also, daily maintenance should do the following:

1, if the hydraulic booster is difficult, or pressure drops too fast, please check the oil pump motor, deceleration valve check valve: if the unloading is not successful, check electromagnetic valve: if the voltage stability is bad, you can check the storage device.
 2, if lift fails, you should check throttle valve adjustment, jams, tubing leakage, pressure is too low, remember that the throttle valve cannot  be adjusted quickly,  rising the lifting speed must be slow.
 3, if the material is plugging, after the suspension, to connect the power, pressure relief and, or, the rising of the funnel inversion remove plugging material, drop funnel section material after reinstalling, reduce the feeding speed, after waiting for the normal operation, you can speed up the tablet in the continuous production.
 4, if the feeding meets difficulties, check whether the triangle is tense: feed screw and funnel is stuck: critical speed is more than what the material is: whether the material proportion is too light, or the material humidity is too small or too large.
 5, good quality product rate is low, whether the tablet is too loose, the whole grain of speed is too fast. 6, Personnel from equipment department, production department should be familiar with production process specification, familiar with the equipment performance, maintenance and maintenance knowledge are needed to maintain the equipment working in good condition.
 Guangdong Richi Packaging Pachinery Co., Ltd.,the rq-11b GFZL - 5, dry granulator roller adopts hard c 440 stainless steel material, longer life, hood lead pollution emission device is installed inside, can be directly rush drench machine (except electric cabinet), convenient cleaning.Please make sure that the use of daily maintenance, so better able to prolong service life, bring you more benefits.